Sept 15th 2016 After 3 years of tests and formalities, Veolia has obtained the certification for France of the garbage truck with an MDI 2 cilinder compressed air engine.

Sept 5th Cyril Nègre of MDI (July 2016): "The first Airpod production will be in Sardinia, and the first sales in January or February 2017. We need 2 to 3 months for the certification. But the Airpod is just the beginning. For MDI, highly efficient energy manangement and storage by compressed air are the most promising market opportunities".
Ethan Tucker of ZPM in the US: "The Airpod will cost just above $10,000 and we target primarily fleets (mail, trafic police, taxis, airports, meter maids, ...) transport for highrise apartment dwellers and selfservice public city transport. We won't necessarily start in Hawai, as we are talking with a city in th Midwest to build an Airpod factory. Production starts early 2017, if all goes well.
Tata Motors in India plans to start the production of its Tata Nano on compressed air early 2017 also".

Airpod 2.0

Aug 12th 2016 The Belgian Vincent Degryse (aged 17) has conceived a hybrid compressed air engine combined with gasoline at 1 liter/100 km, but he plans to replace the gasoline motor by an electrical one, as to drive, work the land, make electricity and drinking water in a 100% ecological way. Assisted by his partner and an engineer, he has made a working prototype of the Agri-Motor with his 3D-printer and has filed 2 patents. Vincent will give a demonstration to high placed persons in an Asian group.

July 15th AirPower converts a gasoline car to compressed air by replacing the cylinder head of the engine by an aluminium device. The engine uses 30% of the air in the tank and 70% of the ambiant air and exhausts air that is filtered and purer. A tank of 1 m³ at 400 bar gives a range of 200 km to a 1.6 ton car. The company Set Energies has given a demonstration of the engine in Quebec, after having promoted it in Europe (Italy,Monaco,...). It is looking for partners for applications on buses and delivery vehicles at first.

July 5th 2016 Airmobility on the new Airpod plant in Bolotana (Sardinia, Italy): "Currently we are implementing the electrical installation and in August we will install the paint oven and the fumes evacuation systems".

June 29th Sad news: On June 24th Guy Nègre, inventor of the compressed air engine named after him and founder of MDI, has passed away. His son Cyril Nègre continues the work of his father, in collaboration with his staff.

June 15th Assembly of the Airpod.

June 11th 2016 Newest complete MDI products catalogue: (source)

The AirOne has now a second version, the AirCross One.
The AirCity too: the AirCity Coupé
The GT Cerise is a Grand Tourism concept, yet to be unveiled.
The AirTuktuk has a new name: AirStreet.
The bicycle AirUrban and the boat AirStream.
The Airlight street lights on compressed air.
Also more on the Veolia garbage trucks, the fork-lift trucks and the generators, and a glance in a future Airpod production and selling point.

Airpod showroom
cadre arriere configurable

Interview with John Mennega of Airvolution, the MDI licensee for Australia and New Zealand, on the opportunities for compressed air vehicles and energy storage, as well as for investors (Bill Gates!).
Airvolution wants to have finished the financing (10 million $) and building phase of its plant within a year, and then produce and sell in Australia and New Zealand, but also export worldwide (!).

June 7th 2016 On January 25 th 2016 Cyril Nègre of MDI was interviewed by Romain Majou on Radio Zero Six: The first production line will start at Carros, still in 2016, and it will in a first fase produce 8 Airpods a day at € 7 to 9,000 according to the options, first for company fleet and private persons with reservations. The next factories to start up will be Sardinia and then New Zealand. So this very 2016 deliveries of Airpod, Airpod Cargo (2 m³ of cargo space) and Airpod Pickup. The cost of use will be around € 1 to 1.20 per 100 km. By the end of the year MDI wants to have finished its prototypes for Veolia (garbage trucks) and Tata Motors.

Development of next models can be accelerated thanks to the engines that are ready: the one that produces 7 to 12 kW of power at 1500 rotations/minute and the one of 60 to 85 kW at 3000 r/m, both of which will power many of the future models. Also the work achieved on the chassis and the integration of functions will speed up the development of next models.

June 4th 2016 Discover the new MDI website. The company is doing better now and expects to employ considerably more people by the year 2020 (managers, engineers, commercials, quality inspectors, heads of production, instructors, ...) The Airpod: let's have a look at its interior, the rear frame that can be personalised, and the production moulds.

A plea for ferries powered by compressed air on water: very fit seeing the short distances, and neither weight nor volume of the air tanks matter much.

May 23rd Armando Regusci (Uruguay) has started on his prototype (photo to the right: chassis): "I have bought in Uruguay 2 low pression cylinders, imported from China, at $150 each. I was able to do so because 3 Uruguayans bought ashare of $100. Each cylinder has a diameter of 10 cm and exerts a force of 1000 kg on the chain, leading to 100 kg on the wheel, seeing that the relation between chainwheel and wheel is 7 cm to 70 cm. Each chainwheel has cost me $400 and I have 6 in total. I can therefore put 4 more cylinders in to achieve a total force on the wheels of 600 kg. So a few more pipes and valves and - if I can find the money - 4 more cylinders. That way, I can give the prototype more power and more speed".
proto Armando Regusci 2016
Airpod biplace

May 18th 2016 Angelo Di Pietro of Engineair demonstrates in a short video his new 9 chambres rotary compressed air engine, the fruit of 15 years of development. It can power a 600 kg vehicle and yet is very compact and weighs only 7.2 kgs. It has very few components, produces no vibration and very little noise and is extremely efficient.

April 20th Interview with Pier Paolo Pisano of Airmobility, Airpod licensee for Italy: production line in June-July, sales in 2016.

March 19th Have you ever wondered how an Airpod, with its low nose, climbs a speedbump? This little video shows there is no problem.

Feb 25th Airmobility, the Italian Airpod factories licensee: "Today we have finished the construction in the industrial zone of Bolotana - Ottana (Sardinia). We are now going to install the production line."

Jan 26th 2016 A few photos of the construction of the Airpod factory in Bolotana (Sardinia)

Dec 31st 2015 The French insurance group Aviva distributes 1 million euros to entrepreneurs whose project enhances the social tissue, job creation, environment or health. From January 11th onward, the public can vote amongst others for the Airpod (video) by MDI.

Nov 29th The construction group Eiffage is building an eco-quarter in Marseille. Apparently the city will buy a few Airpods to enable the public in Smartseille to do short self-service trips, scheduled spring 2016.

Oct 16th MDI was at the Foire Internationale de Marseille (Sept 25 - Oct 5). Now a compressed air bike is also included in its product range. The Airpod is to be for rent in self service in Marseille (French Riviera) from next spring.

Oct 10th News from the shareholders meting of MDI, via the newsletter of
Production of Airpods not before 2nd trimester 2016, possibility to produce the filling stations in the Airpod factories, collaboration with all large partners showing an interest in MDI tech, for whatever application.

PNEUMOBILE races with compressed air vehicles in Hungary in May 2016, registrations until October 25th. Photos 2015 Facebook

Vincent Degryse, Belgian youngster (16), invents a hybrid compressed air motor.

Sept 9th Meet Freebee by ZPM, a membership short term car rental service with Airpods.
Regusci: "I have found someone who wants to make a compressed air van. We will also put batteries in. It will run on air and on electricity. We allready have the permit to bring it into circulation." Read the advantagesof the Regusci motor here.

pneumobile races
Little MotorSept 9th 2015 Cory Little from Oregon (USA) develops a small light air motor that is mounted on his bicycle (video).
"The Little motor uses both sides of each piston, so that each cylinder is pushing and pulling. The rotary sequence valve directs the flow of air to the desired sides of the pistons. The hoses connecting the air cylinders to the sequence valve have an alternating current of air that, with a slight advancement of valve timing, become precompressed by the outgoing air. This allows the motor to run at higher speeds and nearly eliminates hose recompression loss. 
The Little can be easily built to any scale, and modified by simply changing the pistons. It uses double acting pneumatic cylinders that are available at competitive prices. The valve can be made in a very basic machine shop by anyone with the ability to drill and tap holes, and make crossfeed cuts on a circular rod. 
My design is open-source. Soon I'll build my new prototype, with clutch and regenerative braking ." fundingsite  facebook

Sept 6th 2015 ZPM: "Herjavec has refused MDI's offer for the Airpod factories rights for the whole of the US. Now we go ahead for our first US Airpod plant. Tata Motors in India will start production of its own air cars early 2016."facebook

Aug 26th Here you'll find the newest patent by Armando Regusci dated July 1st 2015, to be used for producing vehicles provided that a 5 % commission is granted on the sales price per vehicle to the inventor. "A vehicle weighing 1000 kgs can have a range of 200 km at 50 km/h or 83 km at 100 km/h with a 600 liters tank at 200 bar".

Aug 12th Armando Regusci: "I offer to whoever from whatever country the opportunity to do big business. I offer you to make compressed air vehicles according to my two last patents of March 10th and July 1st if you pay $5000. This amount buys you 50 titles of 4 shares each at $25 per share. It makes you shareholder of the Regusci Air. I authorize you to use these patents. You can also buy 40 or 400 shares, but I do not give exclusivity because I do not want to be stopped. I'm asking you 5% of the price you sell the vehicle and that you present the patent in that country. I'll come to your factory and give all details for making the vehicles. You can produce motorcycles, tractors, buses, cars, trucks, tricycles etc. Contact me:"

Aug 9th Herjavec: "The rights for the Airpod factories in the whole of the US cannot not be secured from MDI, and the Hawaii-only licence that has been negotiated is not a compelling proposition. Franchises or licensing deals for me have always been a difficult investment, unless you’ve got full ownership of your product.”

Regusci patent 1 juli 2015

3/8/2015 Pat Boone (video) about "the biggest deal ever on Shark Tank" that he made for ZPM with investor Robert Herjavec, for financing Airpod plants in the USA: " I haven't heard Herjavec since then. He is totally absorbed by "Dancing with the Stars" wherein he participates. We haven't "consumed" our deal yet, but it will happen. I'm confident"

July 7th 2015 Regusci: "I've patented my new compressed air motor in Montevideo. It has 3 times the power and efficiency of the old one and allows for the use of gear box, clutch and differential. I'm now off to the UTE where I was told they can help to install the new engine in the vehicle that I have in my barn (photo) and then to the ANII that will give $14,000 to do this job if I can find $6,000. I'll also contact Tata in India to make and sell our vehicles there." source

The Hybrid Air project by Bosch and PSA (Peugeot - Citroën) has now totally been shelved.

June 30th Armando Regusci (Uruguay) has a new idea to give more strength and efficiency to his compressed air motor. He 's now heading for Montevideo to get it patented and will then be looking for funding to implement it on a vehicle.

The car show Turbo on channel M6 focuses on Lille. This French city jammed by heavy traffic has built a large logistic centre that replenishes trucks to prevent them from entering the city centre half empty. Lille also counts on zero pollution trucks like the ones from MDI, as soon as they will be certified to hit the roads.

Last Thursday June 25th, Danielle Fong was in Nantes (France) where she signed a contract for the European development of the compressed air energy storage solution conceived by her startup LightSail. It avoids the energy losses by heat and cold, typical for compressed air, using awater spray. Nantes had its compressed air tram as soon as in 1876.

May 29th MDI nuances: "Herjavec has refused the ZPM offer if only Hawai is concerned, but he has shown interest in negociating with MDI the exclusive rights for the whole of the US. However, up to now he hasn't contacted us yet."

May 25th After the Shark Tank show ZPM has received lots of questions about the company and the cars. Answers to these questions by ZPM.

Airpod linnen

May 7th 2015 Short video shows the ecological Airpod with steering wheel and flax body. In collaboration with TexilisMDI is preparing a range of Airpods with a flax and bioresin body, as performant but 30 % lighter than fiberglass, resulting in a gain of range. Flax is a natural and regional product and saves on transport.

LightSail has found a way to make energy storage in carbon tanks both efficient and much cheeper, and will now set up 2 test installations: one on solar and one on wind.

May 4th Last Friday May 1st, Ethan Tucker asked 5 million $ for a 50 % share (!) of Zero Pollution Shark Tank. Unfortunately he could only show a cardboard figure of an Airpod. One of the Sharks, Herjavec, accepted the deal on condition that the agreement would be for the whole of the US; not only for the first Airpod plant (Hawai).VIDEO of the show

April 27th 2015 This Friday, May 1st at 8:00 pm, ABC will broadcast the Sharktank show where the Airpod contends. Shark Tank is an ABC show in the US, where entrepreneurs get to persuade a panel of high risc investors. This video of Zero Pollution Motors (licencee for 1 Airpod plant in the US) shows Pat Boone and Ethan Tucker asking for $10 million in exchange for 25% of ZPM. Will the Airpod convince?

April 7th Inspired by the Angelo Di Pietro engine, 2 projects by student Marty Laurita (Providence, Rhode Island, USA): Angell, the bike that puts to use the compressed air available in all fire brigades to get to a fire or other emergency. Airgo, the threewheeler for light transport of persons or freight. More (thesis)

Feb 27th 2015 Picture: interior of the new Airpod twoseater, with optional steering wheel in stead of joystick.
Airmobility: "These are computer images which will enable to make the moulds. By June we will have 5 test cars, 1 in Milan, 1 in Rome and 3 in Sardigna. If all goes well, we can start distribution this automn." source 
Enairys Powertech, spin-off of the Swiss EPFL (Ecole Politechnique de Lausanne) is a contender in the innovation contest of the French EDF, the largest electricity producer in the world. You can vote herefor HyPES, an optimal hydropneumatic storage of green energy through compressed air.

Feb 11th Teaser video of MDI.

black pearl

Feb 6th 2015 In het January issue of Tata Review, an internal magazine of Tata Motors, Timothy Leverton, head of Tata Motors R&D says, about the compressed air car as part of their Blue Sky programme "This is a long-term project and a tricky and challenging one. But these are areas we need to invest in to make sure that we can innovate and manufacture disruptive products in the future."

Jan 26th René van Tuil from Eck en Wiel in the Netherlands, has made in 8 months this compressed air motorbike, that pretends to be a steam bike but isn't. The "Black Pearl" weighs over 400 kg and contains a small 98cc gasoline compressor that fills the upper tank, providing the air for the cilinder and piston on the other side of the machine. Speed 8 to 9 km/h. As a joke René has added a small stove and a steam whistle. Videos 1 et2.

The"Hybrid Air" project by PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) seems doomed. A team of 180 persons has worked on it in utmost secrecy and it had received aid from the French state and support from global first parts manufacturer Bosch. But the project manager within PSA has given up and switched jobs, and anyway PSA cannot find the € 500 millions to bring the technology to market. Bosch is now looking for an other car maker that is less reluctant, to have another try.

Jan 2nd 2015 Engine developers Scuderi (Massachussets, USA), have developed a "split cycle engine" that in its hybrid version makes compressed air when braking and puts it to use when accelarating. They have now filed a patent on a system that recuperates waste heatduring compressed air storage. 

Dec 21st 2014 Airmobility finds a second breath for its Airpod plant in Sardinia: "The financial crisis suffocates entrepreneurship and spares noone. Up to last summer we had exclusively used our own capital and had gotten into some trouble. This coincided with the project requiring more funding, which has slowed down activity and delayed programmes. This hurdle has now been surmounted and we are glad to announce that the new year debutes with a strong impulse on the completion of the preparation of the factory. We will be able to start production soon". (source)

Dec 9th With its Cactus Airflow and Peugeot 208 prototypes, PSA shows that the Hybrid Air technology is ready. Nevertheless, future doesn't look bright for this hybrid that compresses its own nitrogen at braking and uses only 2 litres/100 km. PSA cannot find a partner to come up with the 500 million euros needed to go to production. Also it is now officially known that PSA will develop a plug-in hybrid. In addition to the Hybrid4 and the Hybrid Air it has now 3 R&D programs running, which is hardly sustainable. Furthermore, authorities ask more and more of the car makers, where the Hybrid Air is now allready facing its limits in the field of consumption and emissions.

Cactus Airflow

Nov 6th 2014 Short video (from 3:50) on the Airpod on M6. MDI will launch its own refilling stations network. Did you see the Tata vehicles in the background? The Airpod will run 100 km on 1 Euro.

PSA and its hybrid-air technology: At the Paris Motor Show in October, one could admire the Citroën C4 Cactus Airflow and a journalist took the Peugeot 2008 Hybrid Air (video from 31:20) for a ride.

Oct 4th 2014 I have just interviewed Angelo Di Pietro of Engineair. You can read it here.


atelier RTM

photo: part of the production line in Carros (Nice, France). The RTM workshop.

Oct 3rd 2014 Interview with Guy Nègre (MDI) by "Bob-toute la vérité" on September 23rd last:
Production of the Airpod 2-seater will certainly start in 2015, probably early 2015. Tata will hopefully start in 2015 too. First the licensees will get their delivery, then the customers on the orders list.
The Airpod 2-seater, with steering wheel or joystick at choice, will be produced first, then the 3-seater with joystick. Prices € 7 to 8000.
More or less 1 year later the larger models will be launched: first the Airone (€ 5 to 6000), then a city sedan around € 10,000. 
Under the contract with Veolia, MDI works also on a heavy model, apart from the light garbage truck AirBOM. There are no power limitations with compressed air.
On top of CO2,which is not a direct health threat, traffic pollution comes merely from NOx (nitrogen oxides, that occur from 900°C) and unburnt hydrocarbons. The bi-energy, that triples the range to 450 km with 1/2 liter of gasoline/100 km, heats at 600°C, which avoids NOx. The external continuous combustion emits no unburnt hydrocarbons and only around 15 grams of CO2/ km.
The bi-energy mode 3, on the larger sedans, will not pollute more and will consume less than 2 liters/100 with a huge range. They will go on highways for the torque is very high even at low rotational speed.
The Airpod's joystick is really a lever, but as the elbow-rest follows the arm's movements, it feels like a joystick.

MDI works with partners on an external airbag for the Airpod, that would be inflated by the tank. Even an empty tank contains 10 to 15 bar, which is more than sufficient.

.Sept 26th 2014 Here are the scale model of the new Airpod, filmed from nearby, and the company profile of Airmobility that will shoulder the production in Sardinia.

Sept 23rd Now MDI has also unveiled its new Airpod Pickup design. The mention "Ville de Nice - Espaces verts" on the side suggests that maybe the deal signed in 2008 between MDI and mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, anticipating a municipal fleet of these little non polluting cars, might not be to no avail after all.

Sept 1st Do you remember Les Triplettes de Bonneville, that bunch of frolic French that participate each summer in the Speedweek on the salt lake of Bonneville, Utah? In 2015 thay plan to finally crush records with their compressed air motorbike Saline Airstream,with engine by MDI, and originally planned for summer 2012! Wishing them all succes!

Aug 29th MDI released this image today: the new Airpod Cargo, the shortest delivery van for a load of 300 kg, almost 2 m³. The various versions of the Airpod (Cargo, Golf, Pickup) share a maximum of parts.

Airpod Cargo

Aug 25th 2014 I have created a Facebook group to be able to let you know when something new is being added to this site. Be a member and invite friends!

Aug 20th 16 young future leaders of Bahrain (Persian Gulf) have been travelling on the French Riviera this first half of August. They have a.o. met MDI and its director Guy Nègre.
Photo below: Angelo Di Pietro: "the motor has a thermostat that activates the fan when the ambient temperature is above 20°C. Our new 9 chamber motor is only 7,8 kg, or 1000% lightweight compared to equivalent power output of a piston air motor currently on the market. It's almost silent and 400% more efficient. This is a new generation of our super light motor design."

Aug 14th The compressed air in the car of Arrmando Regusci powers also the windscreen wipers, the opening and closing of the windows, the pression control of the tires, the suspension and braking and the airconditioning. Source


Aug 11th 2014 The production line for the Airpod is being installed at the MDI facility in Carros (Nice, France).
3 Airpods parked perpendicularly to the sidewalk take as much space as one car.

Aug 4th PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) is not unique. The team of dr.Guzzellaof the Swiss ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) of Zürich is also working on a compressed air hybrid, which has allready won the Watt d'Or 2010 prize. Fuel savings are 1/3 (even 1/2 in city driving), mostly thanks to the downsizing of the combustion engine that, helped by the compressed air, can be a lot smaller. Such a car would have an additional cost of only 20% compared to 200% on an electrical hybrid.

Danielle Fong, of LightSail Energy, that wants to stock intermittent green energy via compressed air, says air cars are fast to be refilled and easy to adapt to also take a fuel.

Aug 2nd 2014 Photo: the new Engineair engine by Angelo Di Pietro has 9 chambers and you can see it here fitted on a scooter. It can also produce electric power by compressed air, as a backup. Website ofEngineair. I hope to post my interview with Angelo here soon.

Shark Tank is an ABC show in the US, where entrepreneurs convince a panel of high risc investors. This video of Zero Pollution Motors (licencee for 1 Airpod plant in the US) shows Pat Boone and Ethan Tucker asking for $10 million in exchange for 25% of ZPM: 7 milllion for renting and installing the first factory which will produce 2000 Airpods in the first year, and 3 million for promotion and a short rental program to get people aquainted with the product. "15 scientists were blown away on a meeting at the Department of Energy and encouraged us to apply for an available government grant of $50 million". This will be broadcasted in the fall, if selected. Let's knock on wood.

July 19th 2014 Interview in Italian with Giovanni Monni, CEO of Airmobility, about the Airpod project in Sardinia, during the "Rnext, Repubblica delle idee" tour: production start in autumn, sales from end of 2014, at €7500 (basic) to €9000. In Bolotana the first plant is under construction and it will employ first 30, later on 50 to 55 workers.

The Airpod 2.0 contains 2 air tanks of 125 liters/248 bar each. The centre of gravity is lowered and the tanks allow for daily refills during 55 years.

July 11th Sisal and flax are being tested to replace the polyester of the Airpod's body.

July 3rd Airmobility says it will produce the Airpod 2.0 (image) from late 2014 in Sardinia, and prepares also a filling station.

Airpod 2.0
Airpod 2014

July 3rd 2014 Yesterday a few journalists were allowed to test prototypes with the Hybrid-Air tech of PSA (Peugeot-Citroën). It was a rather rough ride, some noise, with "holes" at times during accelaration; some finetuning will be welcome. In dense city traffic 60% was achieved in zero emission, a 45 % fuel gain, though on highways it drops to only 5% (video 1, and 3). PSA hesitates and is looking for 500 million euros to market this technology by 2017 at the earliest, but hasn't been able to find a willing partner for that yet, not even Dongfeng, its new shareholder.

June 28th The live streaming went technically wrong yesterday, but a video of the presentation is promised.
June 26th Tomorrow you can witness live the presentation of the new Airpod 2.0 at the Sinnova show in Cagliari (Sardinia)

June 12th MDI will progressively unveil the new Airpod at its news page, up to June 27th, when the design of the 2014 Airpod will be presented at the SINNOVA show in Cagliari (Sardinia): 2 people in the front and back them a 500 liter trunk, of which a 30 liter space is refrigerated.

June 4th 2014 The American cable TV company HBO has tried in vain to obtain an Airpod for the pilot episode of its show "Silicon Valley".

May 22nd PSA (Citroën-Peugeot) will decide in June on the future of its gasoline - compressed air hybrid "hybrid air". Will the project be continued or...aborted?

May 14th MDI has just published the technical data sheet of the newest version of the Airpod (picture), with 2 persons in the front and the joystick in the middle. The 260 l. air tank has been replaced by 2 tanks of 125 l., the roof has been lowered by 9 cm to 171 cm and the automatic gearbox has now 3 gears (plus reverse) in stead of 2.

Monday last, the liquid pistons compressor has been presented at the Swiss EPFL. This project by Enairys Powertech has pocketed an aid of 1.66 million Swiss francs from the canton of Vaud and should reach commercial launch in 2017. The patented HyPES system limits the efficiency losses by heat, so typical for traditional compressors. A prototype will be installed at the Montsoleil site and in 2015 an other one will be tested.

And had you heard of Bob Manor, who converted his own pick-up truck to compressed air?

I have added 3 questions-answers to my FAQ: What about efficiency, credibility and absence of compressed air cars?

Airpod 2014
Peter DearmanMay 2nd 2014 The consortium supporting British DEC (Dearman Engine Company) has just landed a grant of 1.9 million £ from the Strategic Technology Board. This cofinances a project that wants to fit a motor unit running on liquid nitrogen into a refrigerated truck as a means to take care of the cooling. In the near future hybrid trucks running on both diesel and LiN are planned. The heat of the diesel engine is partly recuperated and the truck is much cleaner in city traffic. A gain of 20 to 50% of fuel (leading to a 40% gain in CO2) absorbs the extra cost of the hybrid in 3 years. A new report by the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) gives support to this solution for a low emissions transport.
Photo: inventor Peter Dearman

April 11th 2014 This week MDI has received the visit of AirVolution, who own the licence of Airpod and generators for Australia and New Zeeland. Agreements have been made for the start-up of the first factory there, that will be the third to launch production after Carros and Sardinia.
Meanwhile various artists like Ethan TuckerRocky Carroll, Luke Perry and Chris Noth (Mister Big in "Sex and the City") all back up a citizen initiative from Brattleboro (Vermont, USA) to supportfund raising by Zero Pollution Motors. Shiva Vencat of ZPM has the licence for the first plants in the US in his pocket and he aims at Hawai for a start

March 29th A video has emerged of the presentation of MDI on the isle of Jersey in April 2013. It shows the horsedrawn garbage carriages that Veolia wants to replace by compressed air. Also strangely the AirCity is not mentioned, but three versions of the AirOne are promised, which will be unveiled at a car show in 2014.

March 23rd MDI has welcomed in the few past months 3 Chinese delegations and has itself been warmly received in China, which shows a great interest in the ecological compressed air car. Foto: vice-president of DongFeng in an Airpod. DongFeng participates in French PSA (Peugeot-Citroën), that is in desperate need of cash and has recently presented its Hybrid Air concept.

vice-directeur DongFeng
recgarge biberonage

MDI has taken into service a computer controlled 5 axes milling machine (CNC).

A new petition to the French autorities calls for speeding up the certification of compressed air cars.

Feb 17th 2014 There is now an official MDIFacebook-page.


Feb 15th The French region Ile de France calls for the use of compressed air with appropriate stations, and for experiments with filling stations for compressed air vehicles, and the development of this type of motorization that is so promising at an ecological level.
image: a mobile filling station taps at an air stock produced by river flow, then supplies some Airpods.

Feb 14th 2014 The new European standard for four-wheelers stipulates a maximum width of 150 cm. The Airpod (160 cm) will therefore be trimmed and will also have 2 front seats (great news!) with a trunk of 500 liters and a joystick or a steeringwheel, at choice. The certification in 1 country will be valid for the whole EU.

Jan 29th MDI and Veolia Propreté have signed an agreement leading to the first compressed air garbage truck. (video)
At a few weeks of the offical presentation to the media of the Tata air cars, Karl Slym, ceo of Tata Motors, has fallen to his death from a Bangkok hotelroom window.
In this video Luke Perry and Rocky Carroll promote Zero Pollution Motors, that wants to make MDI air cars in the USA. Short interview with Shiva Vencat of ZPM and Guy Nègre of MDI. ZPM's site predicts Hawai as first place to get an Airpod plant and proposes Freebee: a short term rental service of Airpods in cities.

AirTukTukJan 11th 2014 The new MDI-website is online! As for now only in French but English will follow. Start of production is due for March 2014 in the model plant of Carros (Nice, France) Remarkable: TheAirpod will be available both with joystick or with steering wheel. A new model, the AirTukTuk, makes its appearance. It transports a maximum of 6 passengers + driver, and measures 2m95. Work is also being done on the AirBOM (hmm, wrong name), a garbage truck. The site contains job offers for a mecanical engineer and for a 3D modeller. 
A survey shows the MDI-concessions in the world. The site also gives an idea of the suppliers of MDI and a very good survey of the engines. You can register an intention of purchase of your favorite vehicle, without any obligation.

Jan 3rd 2014 In 1964, that is 50 years ago, Isaac Asimov predicted that in 2014 we would drive compressed air cars that float above the road. As things are at present, it doesn't look like this will happen just yet. I will be happy seeing the first Airpods go into production and wish you in the mean time a prosperous new year in good health.

Dec 19th 2013 According to FEEEDS' latest newsletter, they prepare a visit to the 2014 Geneva car show March 6 to 16, where Tata "should" present its compressed air vehicles.

Dec 3rd 2013 Since Nov 30, Uruguayan Armando Regusci is back from South Africa. "With some of the best engineers I have made an engine which we have allready patented, and we have programmed this motor that is nothing less than a robot. It is 3 times more powerful than my last model and we connect the 'air battery' to a generator to make green power (from wind or sun). I go on assisting the work by telephone or e-mail and I'll possibly go back there by Jan 15th. We want to integrate this engine in our pick-up truck, and the investors are very impatient to see it run. We divide the rights among us 50-50".

Nov 30 Australian RMIT-student Darby Bicheno has designed this sustainable EcoMoto (foto), partly made of bamboo, built around the air engine of Engineair. A 1:5 model was made with a 3D-printer.

lego car

Nov 29th 2013 Report by an Italian of his visit to MDI in Carros this Nov 13th: the production line is as good as finished, all machines are there, completion expected for Feb 2014. He has also seen a Tata car with an MDI engine (translation).

Oct 26 In Romania, teenager Raul Oaida made a car of lego, powered by air. Entrepreneur Steve Sammartino has found sponsors for the making and transport of the car to Melbourne. This "Super Awesome Micro Project" wants to inspire the start-up communities of Sydney and Melbourne to be ambitious, and keep the Romanian wonderboy in Australia. (video at the left) 
It weighs 500 kg, is made of 500,000 pieces, seats 2, measures 3.5x2x1.3m and runs at 20 to 30 km/h. Even the engine, with 256 pistons, is made of lego.

Oct 13 2013 Uruguayan Armando Regusci from South Africa: We are making a motor fror a generator for an air battery, a place where compressed air is stored in tanks. We have made the components and are assembling them now on a slab on legs. We will then bring this "table" to a place to be tested on torque and speed. It will be used for the engine of our "bakkie". Source

Oct 13 2013 A consortium of 8 mostly local information and mechanics companies are supporting the Sardinian Airmobility,among which 2 G. System , Carsalmaz , Ruggeri Ecologica;  Ferrigno ing. Carlo; Onida Ombretta F.L.;  E-Solar and Soluzioni ComunicativeSource

Sept 27th The Scuderi Group has developed a split-cycle internal combustion engine that runs on LPG and compressed air storage. Many car manufacturers are interested and have signed non-disclosure agreements to study this quiet, economical and clean engine, with 75% thermal efficiency. As for now, this has led to no car with this tech, but now Scuderi (Massachussets, USA) has signed a letter of intent to supply the police department of San Juan, Puerto Rico, with 4 generators on LPG and compressed air within 18 months.

Sept 26th The 2 degrees project of the WWF highlights a very diverse collection of Australian initiatives that can fight global warming. Like the air enigine of Engineair.

Sept 23rd Photo: An Airpod is being unloaded in Sardinia for apresentation (video) on the occasion of the European Mobility Week. The tiny Airpod enters the cruiseterminal through the sliding door easily. Airmobility, an initiative of a few Sardian businessmen, will produce the first Airpods of Italy in Bolotana and Ottana (Sardinia) under licence of MDI. Some existant plants will be recycled for this and in a first phase some 30 people will be hired. Video A one megawatt solar cells facility will provide the necessary power. Production is expected for the summer of 2014 at a rate of 1,000 cars a year, which could double, with more people being hired, if sales are successfull. The boss of the port authority of Cagliari suggests to give away the first Airpod to the pope.source 

Airpod Sardinia

Sept 20th 2013 Hearing at a parliamentary commission of Uruguay of Armando Regusci on his compressed air cars project, on May 15th last.

Sept 17th Production of MDI's Airpod is now scheduled for mid 2014. The compressed air filling stations will be equipped with MDI compressors: € 39,000 in stead of € 130,000 for similar installations on the market. They will fill up 85 cars a day and are expected to make a profit of (only) € 100 daily. The filling stations setup and car sales will be simultaneous, as is also the Tata Motors strategy. Car owners however will mostly recharge at home at the electrical socket, which will be 50% cheaper. Source

Sept 14th On the occasion of the Week of Mobility, Airpod demonstrations will be held in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) on September 20-21-22.


Sept 10th 2013 At the Frankfurt Motor Show from 10 tot 22 Sept, Citroen unveils its C4 Cactus, that will be available from 2016 in a hybrid version compressed air-hydraulic and gasoline engine, using an estimated 3 liters/100 km. Rumor has it its expected price is €12.000.
Will Tata Motors present a compressed air model at the New Delhi Auto Show in February 2014?

July 18th These videos 1and 2 give a good idea of the development of the Model T², that earned Deakin University (Victoria, Australia) the first prize in a conquest by Ford to design the Model T of the 21st century. The threewheeler has 2 Di Pietro compressed air motors by Engineair attached to the front wheels. The rear wheel allows for a great manoeuvrability. The carbon fibre air tank is located down in the middle throughout the length, and accounts for a range of 80 km, extendable by a natural gas burner.

July 7th The Uruguayan inventor Armando Regusci is now in South Africa where he is about to convert a pickup truck, locally called "bakkie", to compressed air. (photo)

July 8th 2013 Darren Kuo, a Taiwanese design student, has designed and built "Revolver", an uncanny compressed air motorbike with a revolving backup storage of airtanks and anEngineair engine. (foto)

July 5th An Italian delegation from Firenze has published a few videos following a visit to MDI in Carros (Nice, France) in April: A ride with the Airpod Golf and the AirpodMaxiCargo.

AirOne 2013June 14th 2013 The AirOne will be sold in 3 versions: 
Eco 3 seats, 80 km range (240 in bi-energy) with 155 litres of air
Standard 3 seats, 150 km (450 km) with 310 l. of airLong Range 5 seats, 220 km (650 km) with 468 litres.
Price around €4000, hard top in option.
Some 10 plants (in Europe and the Middle East) have been sold for these models.
Negociations are going on with a major European city for a fleet of self-service Airpods.
Those who hold an option for an Airpod can swap this for a new AirOne if they like.

13/6/2013 On Facebook, on the page "MDI Entreprises" have been posted products 2013 of MDI, a newsletter as well as " production concept ". At Carros, the installation of the production line is as good as finished. First preseries of Airpods are expected for early 2014. The AirOne model has been updated and these prototypes should be running in the second half of 2013. For Veolia, light garbage collection vehicles have been designed.

June 10th 2013 Video of the "Air Pur des Vosges" team on an aerodynamic study of the AirOne updated version.

May 25th On Wednesday, May 29th, Uruguayan Armando Regusci and his son Santiago will go to South Africa to build a compressed air motorbike and a tuk-tuk there. Photo: Armando steering his Hidrosvol.

April 26th Today, invited by deputy Rob Duhamel, Guy Nègre will give a presentation on the Isle of Jerseyabout the MDI air cars and other applications.

Armando Regusci al volante del Hidrosvol


AirOne 2013 design

April 18th 2013 Engineair, that wants to market the Angelo di Pietro rotary air motor, is one of 5 winners of General Electric's Ecomagination contest for Australia and New Zealand. The prize rewards inventions that help reduce carbon emissions by $100,000 each. GE also helps the winners to conquer markets on a technical and financial level and by acces to GE's business relations.

April 12th Steve A. has ordered his AirOne in 2010. He is now asking François Hollande (French president), through a petition on Avaaz, to autorise the certification of the MDI air cars. (translation of petition) 
Image: AirOne new design 2013

Ford has registered a patent for a name for aninflatable car (that's also an air car!) called "iLUV" (Inflatable Light Urban Vehicle) and it's not an April fools joke as here. Nothing more is known so far.

March, 4th 2013 This video explains how the HybridAir motorisation operates in the Citroen C3 and here (French). The air is really nitrogen in a closed circuit.

Feb 14th Tata Motors: "We’ve reached in 2012 a condition on engine design, transmission design and also air storage system where the whole thing works as we intended. We now have to improve engine efficiency so that we can achieve the usable range we want. So we’re looking at commercial and a car application. Over the next few months, we may well be ready to show something."

Feb 9th Tim Leverton, R&D manager at Tata Motors: "Our analysis and our research have shown the viability of the MDI concept. We have identified opportunities for compressed air vehicles on the Indian market".

Jan 29th The Triplettes de Bonneville: The compressed air motorbike Saline Airstream will run at the Speedweek this summer, though it still lacks its mudguards and, above all, its engine. But that's why it is at MDI's in Carros now.

Jan 27th 2013 Guy Nègre (MDI): "The news from PSA proves the pertinence of compressed air and is a denial of the electric car. But PSA's tech is very different from ours." And also: "Tata may launch its first air cars early 2014".

Jan 23rd Yesterday, PSA-Peugeot-Citroen has presented its "Hybrid-Air" (French, and English and here) a new petrol and air motorisation. The air is compressed when decelerating and braking, and then powers the car. A hydraulic pump compresses the air and restititutes power in reverse mode. An intelligent system choses between zero pollution, petrol or mixed driving at any moment. A typical C3 car could save 45% of fuel in the city, where it can run on zero emissions mode 60 to 80% of the time (range enhanced by 90% compared to a standard engine), with a mixed consumption of 2.9 liters/100 km, or 69 g CO2/km. The car fills its own 2 compressed air bottles constantly and is cheaper than a typical hybrid. The new Peugeot 308 and Citroën C4 Picasso fitted with this tech will be at the Geneva car show in March, but we'll have to wait at least until 2016 for launch.

PSA hybride AC
test LATU

The project is in collaboration with the French state, German Bosch and French Faurecia. PSA has 80 brevets for the technology, and has worked on this for years in silence.

Jan 7th 2013 This video shows the range test (foto) of the compressed air motor (single expansion) of Regusciair by LATU (Uruguay). Distance 52 km with a bike weighing 88 kg (plus driver 68 kg) and 56 liters of compressed air at 229.5 bar. Meanwhile triple expansion performs three times better. Engineer Regusci has 4 inquiries for retrofitting a tractor in his pocket and has applied for permission to use vehicles with his technology on Montevideo's roads.
Jean Christophe Galavotti, convinced of the importance of the Airpod for Corsica (French island), wants to organize an Airpod presentation on the "Ile de Beauté" early 2013.

Jan 5th On (post of Nov 29th) Armando Reguscichallenges both Guy Nègre of MDI and Angelo di Pietro ofEngineair to do a range test together with him, using identical cars and compressed air same volume, same pressure. He reminds that the range of his car has been certified by LATU (Laboratorio Tecnologico del Uruguay). He is looking for $20.000 to retrofit a pickup.

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