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Ruger 10/22's

Info on Ruger 10/22's . The more you tweak them the better they get. Just remember you don't have to sink a ton of money into one to get it to shoot excellent. just go over to RFC's SuperStock forum and you will find allot of SuperStock 10/22's built on the cheap that will shoot with the best of rimfire rifles.

Click on the name to go to the page:

Top: The Outlaw                    Bottom: The Bandito

1-SuperStock the Squawsach and Sawdust Way.
    This is a how-to on how to improve your trigger. It goes through D&T the sear and the hammer, as well as installing a trigger stop and a torsion trigger return spring.

2- Adjustable Hammer by Hipshot
    Here Hipshot explains the adjustable hammer mod.

3-Binder Post RCVR by Oleman River
    Here is a how-to on anchoring the rcvr by using a binder post. It is very easy to do and one little tip to do it is: Take your trigger group out of the action        and hold the barreled rcvr in the stock. Using a small bent nail that has been heated red push into the center of the rear TG hole until it burns through.     3-4 times should get you through the stock , this gives you a hole to drill that will be aligned with the TG holes.

4-Bedding the 10/22 by Vincent
    Here is one of the best 10/22 bedding how-to's I've seen. And given the groups that Vincent shoots with his 10/22's it has got to be one of the best.

5-Stripped TD-action screw by dads_addiction
    Here is how you fix a stripped action screw hole.

6-Flanged Pillar how-to by Hipshot
    Here is a excellent way of making your own flanged pillar for the 10/22.

7-Get the most out of your barrel by Squawsach
    I'am going to include this one for the more advanced tinkerers. Though it shows a bolt action it goes over how to recrown and rechamber a barrel.

8-Rear Anchor by plinker2
    Ok I've included this one because of its simplicity compared to the other methods of anchoring the rear part of the rcvr. I have no clue to how it would        actually work or its overall benefits over the other ways.