We do about 6 issues a year of short poetry, very short fiction, art, and other things. We also e-publish chapbooks, but do not accept unsolicited submissions for those.

One feature of rhp is the sequencing.  Each issue is designed to be read from beginning to end.  Thus, a simple, stripped down, low-tech design. (This simplicity has NOTHING to do with the fact that we don't really know how to produce a more technically sophisticated website.) 

The reader moves  through each issue by clicking on the pointing right hand icon on the right of all pages.  It looks like this .  The right hand pointing is your key to moving through right hand pointing, and indeed, your life.

 rhp was founded and is edited by Dale Wisely.  Dale selects poetry and art and designs each issue.  Fiction is read and selected by fiction editor F. John Sharp. 

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