Akshit NandaNaved AlamSaloni Jain

New Delhi AutoRickshaw

Autorickshaw fares in New Delhi tend to have little relation with meter fares as a very small percentage of autorickshaw drivers use the meters. The accuracy of the metering is doubtful, with several news stories highlighting various techniques auto drivers use to swindle passengers. It is usually difficult to know the distance between origin and destination accurately enough to calculate the auto-fare, and it is unlikely that an auto driver will accept such offhand calculations from passengers. Given the the size of New Delhi and the large number of tourists, a large population of people will be present in the city that will have little idea about distances, fare structure, etc. To solve this problem we worked on the Project called RightFARE funded by  Nokia Research and Microsoft Research under the MUC Group at IIIT Delhi. In this website we have outlined our work which includes a working mobile application which can give driving directions from point A to B, their geolocations and the metre fare for that distance.