Welcome to the webpage of the Righteous Brewers of Townsville.  

RBT try to meet monthly to learn about, discuss and drink beer.  

RBT recently won a blind taste test of 7 different beers at the 2013 Queensland Homebrew Conference. Our brew was a single decoction "Amber-ish" ale which employed Joshua Allen's homemade hop rocket and had 20 grams of Centennial hops in the keg. Check out our video of the brew day.

Why do the Righteous Brewers of Townsville brew such good beer?  Well, because their lady members have very discerning taste and mad brewing skillz.  Beneath their German beer wench costumes lie very picky beer drinkers!  Whoever said women don't drink beer is an idiot!

For more info, email us at: righteousbrewersoftownsville@gmail.com

You can also 'like' us on our Facebook page, we're into that too.