"Riggor Mortiss Presents"

"Riggor Mortiss Presents" with Riggor Mortiss and Nyte Angel as your hosts, is a web-based hosted horror movie program. The show itself originates from Columbus, Indiana and was started in 2010. The character of Riggor Mortiss was created in 2006, but didn't become a physical reality until 2009, when an attempt was made to produce a show called "Graveyard Theater" with Riggor Mortiss. Riggor didn't have a full set or even an actual coffin to rise from... much less a background story to explain why this..."creature" was hosting (or attempting to host) a public domain horror B-movie.This project never saw the light of day, and the whole project was scrapped.

Skip ahead to the fall of 2009.... a new program begins to breathe while still on the slab.... Enter Nyte Angel! Make up designs were tried, a casket was purchased and a set was "built".....  Finally, Nyte Angel was ready to appear in public. We still had no name for what we would eventually call our show. The catch- we weren't going to host movies right off the BAT; We were approaching this from a different viewpoint. We were just going to tell true ghost stories from around the state of Indiana.... tell stories sent to us to tell... as well as write and tell fictional horror stories and folklore. We were toying with lighting, volume and focusing on how stories could be presented. We had uploaded a roughly edited video to You Tube for our friends and family to watch, rate and critique our stuff for us. We didn't even have an official name for the show as yet!!  Suddenly, Nyte and I are invited to the "Zoid Cave" by Dr. Sigmund Zoid to co-host MY favorite B-movie... "Spider Baby". Apparently, Zoidy had seen our Garden Shed Experience Video that we had posted, and sort of enjoyed it (plus the fact that he was coveting Nyte Angel to be HIS co-hostess for HIS show). His words to me were, "and, Riggor... bring the Angel". 

Suddenly, we found ourselves "out of the box" and ready to go.

                                                                    "If your sanity is gone, and your body is weak....
                                                                    sit right down.... Come, take a seat!
                                                                    Tell us a TRUE ghost story.....
                                                                    Tell us a REAL horror tale...
                                                                    Scare us to DEATH-
                                                                    Make us grow PALE!
                                                                    With feelings of FEAR
                                                                    and Horror's BLISS........
                                                                    .....WELCOME to the domain of.....
                                                                                                                                           RIGGOR MORTISS!"     -Riggor Mortiss

If you love old B-Horror movies like The Screaming Skull, The Wasp Woman, The Beast of Yucca Flats, Carnival of Souls and even classics like Night of the Living Dead, you should feel at home in our Crypt! Within these damp stone walls, we will tell some of the most gruesome, shocking and horrible stories ever told.....true ghost stories and just some gross stories. Maybe even a video or two...or three. Yum! Sounds as good as pickled eyeballs marinated in blood and pus sauce, doesn't it?
 As time goes on, hopefully we will be able to offer some tidbits for pest control for your wall at home, if desired. Maybe some 8X10 photos or some wall posters.... Gee, the possibilities are limitless! And your home will stay pest-free as long as my photo is visible!... No... on second thought, I seem to draw flies for some reason.... Hmmm... Further testing is needed on the products, then...
While you're here, feel free to snoop around and find what you want. You never know when I will poke around here and leave some fleshy tid-bits for ya... heh....heh...heh.

  Check us out for a good scare.... not just on Halloween!

As a Creep,  I have encountered some actual creepy "things" over time. A whisper from nowhere, a conversation without people and shadows from the netherworld.
As a matter of fact, this very  was postponed because of otherworldly activity. People wondered what happened to ol' Riggy for a while. The Riggster had a few setbacks that were negatively impacting the forward move of this program. However, the brief dirtnap for Riggor proved to be sort of beneficial for me. It gave me time to clear the cobwebs outta Riggy's head (although they sometimes DO feel good in there), and get down to business and be serious about this venture.

Meager Set Backdrop And Horror Props

Sometimes, the inspiration is there, but funds are NOT!  To tell you the truth, all of our set decorations either came from "after Halloween Sales", or bought as our normal twisted decor (such as skulls, zombies and skeletons).... or, some  even made by yours truly, Riggor Mortiss (so if they don't appear plumb or look straight- THEY AREN'T!).....

But seriously.... Our Crypt "door" was made from shipping pallets and skids.... The talking skull was one of my "Halloween toys". Every skull on the crypt shelves was in my possession BEFORE Riggor Mortiss Presents began. In fact, the wall brick design was purchased by the roll


What Inspired Us To Want To Do This?

Meet "Sammy Terry"..... Friday night's answer to sheer nightmarish horror.  Bob Carter would don the greenish tinged make up and crimson cowled cape, and emerge from his "reclining telephone booth", and host some of the most awful, gruesome, horrifying movies that the ghoul could find... and carry his terror tirade far into the wee hours of the morning. Ending all his episodes with "May you all have Many... Pleasant Night...maaaaares!" - He was daring you to sleep if possible after this onslaught of fear and terror. The last sound he

made as he re-entered his coffin, was a deep, booming and throaty laughter you could never forget..... 

Sammy Terry (Bob Carter) in the 1980's

FEAR Works!

  Everyone (practically) that grew up in Indiana knows who Sammy Terry is. He inspired a lot of young people over the years. He went to school functions, drive-in theaters, haunted house openings and even Boy Scout events (true story coming later). I am not trying to be Sammy Terry, nor am I trying to COPY him.... far from it.... but I want all of us to continue to have pleasant screams, even if we can't have the trademark pleasant nightmares.

My fear (if Riggor Mortiss is allowed to have one) is that kids and young adults already have no role models to look to.... especially the celebrities who aren't "responsible" enough to protect their image... Most aren't  worthy of the fame given them. These "role models" teach the kids that it's alright to do certain things that, we as adults definitely know, are NOT alright to do. Consider this: young people today are loaded with phobias.  
  Psychiatrists are cleaning up on treating them because, in my opinion, young people don't know what to do with the feelings they have inside.... where's the outlet for the energy? How do I handle a certain fear? Riggor Mortiss knows.....

Riggor Mortiss and Nyte Angel are BOTH Indiana Horror Hosts. We have been added to the growing list of horror hosts on Horror Host Graveyard.  Corpse S. Chris must have seen or heard something that chilled his nerve endings!
With such titles as: The Screaming Skull, Nightmare Castle, FIVE (a good end-of-the-world flick) and even Night of the Living Dead under his hood and cape, perhaps he and Nyte are off to a great start. In fact, they're receiving positive response from viewers on VIMEO and facebook.
"There is too much gore and not enough Fright in Horror these days." - Riggor

"That tightening in your throat isn't a scream wanting out.... it's MY bony hands around your NECK demanding that you watch US!"- Riggor

"I'm as close as your LAST nightmare!"-Riggor          

Like I always say: "There's nothing more stifling than a scream... left UN-screamed!"
I believe that's accurate. A scream is a release... It lets it all out. No holding back.
My aim in this gig, is to frighten as much as possible, without terrorizing anyone. Almost everyone loves to be scared to death..... you just gotta admit it, grasp it and go. It's like a roller coaster ride, or a well-done Haunted house. The fear is done when the ride is done. Every second leading up to "Go Time" is adrenaline building....pumping... causing dizziness.... trembling, sweating, shaking.... in other words: FEAR!  That's where I come in. I recall  August/September of 2009 at a small Halloween shop's Grand Opening in Seymour, Indiana. I was doing a newbie signing, trying to introduce new people to Riggor Mortiss. This little girl came in, and was so frightened of me, she wouldn't talk to me, or even look at me. I quickly realized that these first few precious people who were getting my autograph, needed to get to know me in order to like me. By the time half an hour had passed, this little girl was sitting on my coffin, talking to me and requesting more signed photos for her siblings and friends. THAT was a good time. I introduced that child to FEAR, yet assured her that FEAR was a friend. Without FEAR, we would be too BOLD, and we would believe ourselves to be indestructible.
  FEAR keeps us in check!

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