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The Backstory

In the year 2027, after much deliberation and argument, the United States finally retook the lead in particle physics research. Building the world's largest and newest particle collider in Utah, scientists hoped to catch a glimpse of the "hidden dimensions" folded within subatomic particles.

In another world, a similar effort was underway. The nation of Oblios, a long-decrepit human empire that fell from grace when civil war broke out hundreds of years before, was finally preparing to open a planar gate to an unknown realm. Intuits, sages and warriors incredibly attuned to the subtle edifices of the natural world, had felt that extra planes existed beyond those in currently accepted cosmology of four. This potential existence threw the nation's people, all ardent worshippers of the god Heparon and goddess Nemoa, threatened to revolt as their faith was shaken by this strange discovery. Hundreds of Intuits were persecuted or put to death all over the kingdom. The neighboring nation of Durobos, a split fragment of the ancient Oblios kingdom, saw an opportunity in the weakened nation, and invaded Oblios en masse. The resulting war claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, until Oblios and Durobos were both near the brink of defeat. It was from this terrible war that a strange alliance rose. An Intuit named Emillion claimed to know how to open a gate to one of these realms, claiming to have foreseen new and fantastic technologies and weapons. The respective kings of Oblios and Durobos decided to unite, and open a gate to this new realm, hoping that, with the aid of these foretold "weapons," the two nations would be able to conquer the land and reestablish the Oblios empire.

When this gate was finally completed, the first few souls brave enough to enter this new realm found a world not unlike their own. The flat Utah desert stretched before them. Strangely, their new gateway had found the only thing capable of holding the membrane-like portal on the other side: the frame of the particle collider. They climbed into this new world, hoping to find some of the wonder that they expected.

Inside the particle collider, scientists were appalled. They had just completed their first test of their new system, and immediately they had discovered some of these "untold dimensions." A wide rift in space-time had opened up, similar to a wormhole, allowing passage between two possible worlds that had coexisted, but had never been linked.

Awestruck people flooded through the portal onto Earth, looking around at the landscape, and beginning to find artifacts to bring back.

Four of them, a knight of Oblios named Destriogar, a ranger named Amaiea, and two peasants were exploring a small storage shed outside the particle collider when they set off an alarm. A security officer rushed to the scene, gun drawn. When he found the "robbers", and noticed they were armed, he opened fire immediately, killing Destriogar. Amaeia returned fire with her bow, fatally wounded the security officer.

All around the complex, similar incidents occurred. Before long, the minor conflicts had erupted into violence.

Across the desert, wizards waged war with modern military machines. Medieval warriors stole assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades from fallen enemy troops, and workers at the supercollider complex took enchanted swords and crossbows from slain knights. Technologies mixed with magic even as the armies clashed ferociously.

Eventually, the invaders gained a toe-hold, and the war came to a temporary stalemate, the initial warring fury of both forces temporarily exhausted. In the new, strange world

What is Rift Wars?

Rift Wars is a roleplaying game that mixes modern settings with fantasy and medieval settings. Players can play in either one, or a mixture of both. The rules for both types of play are completely interchangeable, and allow