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Worksheets and Other Assessment Resources:
ReadWriteThink This website is designed to provide teachers with resources to help their students develop their language arts skills. Many grade levels are represented; therefore, this website relates to many ALCOS objectives. One in particular is Grade 3, #12, which states that students must demonstrate how to research a topic, and this website provides an activity designed to help students retrieve and organize facts found in non-fiction materials. One way I could use this website in my classroom would be by providing my students with activities to help them organize their thoughts. I chose this website because of the vast variety of resources it provides and because it is designed to help teachers guide their students through interactive games and diagrams.
ABCTeach website contains worksheets and templates for teachers that pertain to a variety of subjects. Unfortunately, one must become a member to use most of the resources, and membership is not free. However, this membership provides printables, clip-art, and tools to create custom documents, among other resources, and I could use this website in my classroom to find creative tools to better assess my students' level of understanding. Because of the extensive nature of this website, it relates to many ALCOS objectives, but one in particular is Language Arts Grade 3, #10, which involves an understanding of writing mechanics; ABCTeach includes a number of worksheets devoted to grammar. I chose this website because it provides good resources to help teachers assess students in a variety of areas and because it gives clear instructions for ethically obtaining these resources.
IXL Math Quizzes website contains a plethora of multiple-choice quizzes testing mathematics skills. These assessments represent many of the ALCOS Math Grade 3 objectives, including #7, which deals with multiplication and division. I would use this website in my classroom in order to more accurately assess my students' level of understanding in a wide variety of math topics. I could also send students to this website for independent or advanced study. I chose this website because of how many different types of quizzes are offered, because the quizzes are specifically designed for third-graders so that they can easily take the quiz, and because the quizzes would be very useful in determining a student's understanding level.
Super Teacher Worksheets website provides an enormous number of worksheets for various subjects and various skill levels. Because of the incredible variety of resources, many ALCOS objectives relate to this website. One in particular is English Language Arts Grade 3, #3, which concerns reading comprehension; this website supplies teachers with both reading selections and the questions to guide and assess student comprehension. In my classroom, this website could provide me with countless math worksheets, reading selections, maps, and other resources to instruct my students and evaluate their level of understanding. I chose this website because of the vast amount of quality material provided across so many different subjects.

Lesson Supplements:
KidsGeo.com This website contains information about the geology and geography of Earth., and it is written specifically to be read by elementary students. The reading level is such that they can easily understand the lessons, and games and diagrams allow students to interact with the material and truly learn it. The topics covered by this website relate well to many of the ALCOS Social Studies Grade 3 objectives, especially #1-3, which deal specifically with lines of latitude and longitude, Earth's ecosystems, and the physical characteristics of our world. I chose this website because of the breadth of information, the fact that it is both very knowledgable and very easy for children to understand, and the activities it includes to help children engage the material. In my classroom, I could supplement geology and geography lessons by sending students directly to this website for additional, independent study.
The Weather Channel Kids! This website provides information about the weather at a level elementary students can easily understand. Topics range from daily weather forecasts to natural phenomena such as El Nino to careers in meteorology. This website specifically relates to ALCOS objective Science Grade 3, #12, which deals with the conditions that could result in thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other types of weather. I could use this website in my classroom by giving my class the opportunity to look up the day's weather forecast and by allowing individual students to further research weather topics that they find especially interesting. I chose this website because it is formatted for young children, providing a great deal of accurate, easy-to-understand information relevant to them, such as how to be safe during a storm and whether or not to wear a jacket on a particular day. _intro.htmlThis website provides information about motion, gravity, force, and other physics topics that specifically pertain to ALCOS objective Science Grade 3, #4, which asks that students define these terms. I chose this website because it is very specific, very informative, and it matches very well with this one specific objective. The reading level is such that I think most third-graders would be able to understand the material, but they would need some teacher guidance because the website contains much more unbroken text than a typical third-grader would easily or willingly sift through on the screen. For this reason, I could use this resource in my classroom by talking students through the webpage and asking them to find specific facts. It would be good practice for the students to learn how to use websites containing a great deal of text to find particular details.  
Aesop's Fables This website provides information about the genre of fables, Aesop's fables in particular, and Aesop himself. It relates to ALCOS objective English Language Arts Grade 3, #5, which asks students to compare the characteristics of fables to those of other genres. The website also includes links to a great number of fables for the class to read. I would use it in my classroom to introduce students to fables through the provided background information and by discussing the fables that are available to read. I chose this website because it supplies teachers with the basic information ideal for an introduction to a subject, and it also would greatly increase a teacher's store of fables to discuss. 
Multicultural Children's Literature This website presents links to a number of different sources of material to expand the diversity of literature in the classroom, and it corresponds quite well to ALCOS objective English Language Arts Grade, #6. This objective directs students to learn more about the other cultures through multicultural literature. I would use this website to help me find quality books to share with my class that would be representative of different cultures, and in this way, I could promote diversity at a young age. This website also provides links to background information about the different cultures for which it lists books, which would be very useful in lesson planning. I chose this website because it so clearly coincides with the ALCOS objective and because it would allow me to introduce my students to other cultures and other types of literature, providing me with both book ideas and information to share with my class.
School Nutrition Association This website provides teachers with the resources to help their students learn how to eat nutritiously and be healthy. This information relates to ALCOS objectives #8 and 9 under Third Grade Health; these objectives involve student understanding of nutrients and the food pyramid. I could use this website in my classroom to introduce my students to healthy eating through the interactive games and provided worksheets. The website also provides useful lesson plans and activities if one chooses to become a member. I chose this website because childhood obesity has become such an issue in the United States, and teachers have an opportunity to address it and because this website appears to have been created by a very reliable, professional source that has clearly put a great deal of time and effort into providing teachers with these resources.