Classroom Floorplan

    In order for students to learn and explore, my classroom has various centers, including a computer center for technology growth, filled with creative, grade-appropriate materials; a wide variety of books and other resources allows the teacher to connect to each student at his or her own level. While it is difficult to represent the atmosphere of love and joy in a floor plan, the placement of the teacher’s desk allows him or her to observe each student desk, each computer screen, and each center; in this way, he or she is able to immediately notice a problem or question, and the students can see that he or she is involved and committed. Similarly, the extra-help desk is present to provide a place for small groups of students to come to their teacher when necessary, and together, these desks allow the teacher to be readily available to the students and willing to answer their questions. To encourage group work, the students are placed in pairs or trios instead of individual desks, but structure and focus is maintained by the fact that they are all facing forward, toward the whiteboard, and away from the windows; the use of the cubbies, supply shelves, and clock also aid stability and organization.