____dildo for art lovers

a female dictators weapon!
a world of galant art & objects for self love being narcissistic is not a shame

In the 19th century, the electric-powered dildo was designed to ‘cure’ women of hysteria (to keep them under men’s thumbs). Ironically, today’s women find that pleasure itself is a cure.

My wands, dildo’s and buttplugs are art that you can masturbate with. My ‘rotsen in de branding’ (Dutch for ‘towers of strength’) are for modern feminists, because there are still too few women on top. These are dildos that help women find and nourish their inner female dictators.

The vibrator and dildo are rising symbols for women to take control. They invite women to ‘heft in eigen hand’! or, in English, ‘handle in your own hand’.

My ceramic dildos are painted with platinum, gold and copper, and have an average length of 20 centimeters. The dildos’ are adorned with drawings of a who’s who of hysterical, powerful women—Elena Ceaucescu, Jeanne d’Arc, Benazir Bhutto, Eva Peron, Imelda Marcos, Margaret Thatcher, Ranavalona I, Marie Antoinette, Indira Ghandi and Eline Vere—all doused in a golden sperm rain.

I created my company, ‘Art for Self Love’ to offer women an alternative to bad porno. My dildo series, ‘Dildos for Self Love’, features 45 handmade, unique and glamourous towers of strength. Each piece combine the intellectual with the practical, while remaining first and foremost an object of lust. These are dildos that last a lifetime.

Use cold or with a warming lubricant, warm in oven or in hands. Easy to use, easy to penetrate, easy to warm, easy to like, easy to clean.  

New dildos made on request—If your ideas are up to the rigorous ‘Art for Self Love’ standard.

BUY HERE  or contact  riekjelouise [at] gmail.com

See part of my collection at Shag in Brooklyn, New York (108 Roebling St. Williamsburg, USA)

Elena C      sold
hair of gold

Desiree      /no longer available\

Imelda  /no longer available\

golden bridge
Jezus /no longer available\

Gulnara      sold

boerka hollow

kleine zagen



Marie    sold

Eva      sold

Amivi Gama      sold
Indira G.

Jeanne         sold


copper rain    sold

small dildo butterfly

two saw            sold

Calamity Jane


Catharina I
horse II     sold

Elisabeth Bathory
Mata Hari/no longer available\
Leni Riefenstahl/no longer available\
Eline Vere

extra large sperm rain   sold
Paard     sold