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Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Jails: Recommendations for Local Practice

Jessica Eaglin, Danyelle Solomon (Brennan Center for Justice) June 25, 2015
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What This Cruel War Was Over

Ta-Nehisi Coates, June 22, 2015

The Case for Reparations,

Ta-Nehisi Coates, June 2014

It’s Not Just the South and Fox News: Liberals Have a White Privilege Problem, Too

Joseph Heathcott, August 27, 2014

10 ways white people are more racist than they realize

Kali Holloway, Alternet, March 4, 2015

White America's Greatest Delusion: "They Do Not Know It and They Do Not Want to Know It"

Tim Wise / AlterNet, May 6, 2015

After four decades of fair housing, segregation still rules Milwaukee streets

Brendan O’Brien, December 31, 2014

1.5 Million Missing Black Men

Justin Wolfers, David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy, April 20, 2015

Institutionalized Racism: National Security Threat and Mental Health Crisis

John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D., June 24, 2015

America’s angriest white men: Up close with racism, rage and Southern supremacy

Michael Kimmel, November 27, 2013

White America’s racial illiteracy: Why our national conversation is poisoned from the start

Dr. Robin Diangelo, April 10, 2015

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