About Us

We are a Metro Milwaukee-based coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to building allies and change agents and dismantling all forms of racism and racial inequities through education, dialogue, and action.

We embrace equitable opportunities and renounce misinformation and stereotyping that breeds prejudice, bigotry and ultimately racism.

Our growing coalition is open to all.  We are an all-volunteer, not for profit, nonpartisan organization and not affiliated with any religion.


        We promote multi-racial and inter-generational dialogue in order to:
    • Create opportunities for the respectful sharing of lived experiences and insights
    • Better understand race and cultural differences, history, and current challenges
    • Promote a more just and tolerant community
    • Counter the misinformation, stereotyping, and ignorance, that breeds prejudice, bigotry, discrimination and racism
    • Amplify our collective voice in shaping public policy around race and cultural related issues


        Our goals are to:
    • Increase public awareness of the root causes of racism and the ways it continues to impact the lives of millions of Americans
    • Provide interactive learning programs to help participants become better informed and more engaged as active allies for racial justice 
    • Implement collaborative projects, activities and initiatives around racial, cultural and generational issues
    • Serve as a comprehensive community clearinghouse of relevant information and resources
    • Develop the inter-generational and diverse leadership necessary to build greater collective impact
    • Broaden our collaborative coalition and active membership base of racial justice allies

Core Values

       Our dialogues and actions are characterized by:
    • Respect: Inclusiveness, valuing others, respecting differences, tolerance
    • Communication: Listening, sharing information, engaging in dialogue
    • Diversity: Inclusive of all races, ethnicities, faiths, generations etc.
    • Equality: Equal opportunity, rights and fairness without discrimination
    • Social Justice: Accepting our mutual responsibility that all have an equal opportunity to succeed 
    • Peace: A culture of dialogue promoting peacemaking that results in healing, connection and respect

Our Work

        Learning and Sharing through:
    •  Calendar of area Racial Justice events
    •  Area Racial Justice organizations with brief description and links
    •  Collaborations with other organizations committed to achieving racial equity
    •  Monthly E-Newsletter
    •  Bi-Monthly Member/Public Meetings with Guest Speaker(s) and Q&A
    •  Book Club Discussion/Action Planning Series
    •  Racial & Inter-generational Workshops
    •  Dialogue through the Arts
    •  Special Projects
    •  Clearinghouse of Resources
    •  Community Action Meetings
    •  Use of social media, including Facebook
    •  Press releases

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