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Radio Interview with Reggie Jackson and Jaime Alvarado (30 min)

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Join the Movement to Achieve Racial Justice and 


Members of Rid Racism Milwaukee (nickname RID) are committed to the belief that we must join together and become a force that combats racial inequities and racism. 

Our goal is to dismantle racial stereotype, implicit bias (prejudgment and discrimination), racism (bigotry + power to influence), and institutional racism (culture and structure).

Sustained racial justice can only happen when bystanders become allies and change agents. Our programming, including the website and Facebook page, features the opportunity for education, dialogue, collaboration and advocacy.

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White allies: Thoughts and conversations for today's movement 

by Denise Oliver Velez

“Learning about racism, recognizing racism, and becoming an anti-racist ally doesn’t happen in an instant—it is a process. We are all shaped by our associations and experiences. It is important for us to hear how others came to the table and joined the struggle. This is true for all of us—no matter where we fall in the socially constructed boxes of “race.” 

To hear some helpful insights and suggestions from key white anti-racist organizers, check out this link:

Rid Racism Mke - Speak Out Series

Rid Racism Mke - Speak Out Series

Rid Racism Mke - Speak Out Series

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