Hello Students,

This page is dedicated to helping you. Here you can find educational tips, videos and exercises to help you learn a new instrument or perfect the one you are on!

This is NOT a page for you to find your current exercises!


MediaFire: Listen to your show and watch your show via this link. It is password protected, ask your band director for the password. SELF EVALUATE!!!

Delaware County Symphony

Concerto Competition for Young Musicians

Information for this solo competition can be found here -->

Students in grades 9 - 12 are offered the opportunity to audition on piano or any string, wind, or percussion instrument.




How to play the snare drum: The videos bellow discuss the basics on how to play the snare drum. This technique is extremely similar to that of RP and your drum staff supports the videos we have posted here. There are other videos in this series, however we do not recommend you investigate them. If you have a question regarding anything beyond what is mentioned in the videos bellow, please ask your instructors.

It is recommended that you watch ALL of these and do so in order! Watch them more than once and TRY IT!!!!!

1. How to hold the stick in the right hand

2. How to hold the stick in the left hand

3. Set Position (The first half is about posture... we will talk about this later, only concern yourself with the set position)

4. Playing Position (Yes, this one is different than the set position video... WATCH IT)

5. Right Hand Velocity Stroke

6. Left Hand Velocity Stroke

7. Fulcrum Exercise

8. The Cushion Stroke (This is the last stroke of 8's or how you play tap/accent)