Remember the good times !

Welcome to our Radltour!

May, 1991


my son Ralph, in his age of 13teen

His father Richard, in his age of 46

Iris, as an accompaniment photographer

Road bike Tour to the Western States of the USA

An organized tour by an Austrian RAAM (race across America-) winner.

Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

once, I had the chance to meet the RAAM hero.

We stayed in contact...

He has organized regular bicycle tours to the Western states of the USA.

One good day, I couldn't resist and have nominated our all participation

Please be patient!

You will see a lot of cycling pictures!

We have just been irritated by the beautiful landscape and made so many pictures...

Forecast picture:

The tour in details:

Itinerary: (click the picture to enlarge)

The route map: (click the picture to enlarge)

And the itinerary in detail: (click the picture to enlarge)

And now to the taken pictures: (click the picture to enlarge)

first set of pictures, in random order, taken with a broad view camera:

Starting the tour..., at Hollywood (were else?) heading for Zion park:

travel on to Las Vegas and Hoover dam:

Traveling on, heading for Lake Powell and Monument Valley:

on the way to the Bryce Canyon:

on the way to Lake Tahoe and further on to Yosemite park, via Kid Carsons Pass:

Finally, we have arrived at San Francisco:

And now, on the way to the Yosemite park:

down the road, heading for Big Sur:

randomly picked:

One of the highlights of the tour has been the visit at Calico ghost town: