Dahlonega, Georgia (in the National Forest, only 10 miles north of the Historic Square)


Greetings  fellow horse-enthusiast!

I am a happily-married Christian woman who loves to ride, but will not ride 'alone'. I live in Dahlonega very close to the R-Ranch off Yahoola/Black Mountain Road. My husband and I rent a 14 acre farm that is very private and is located in national forest land of North Georgia.

I have a 10 year old QH gelding that is VERY well-mannered and very sweet. And there are tons of trails around here on which to ride. I do NOT have a horse trailer at the moment. (Hoping to change that soon). So you would need to trailer your own horse. (I do have plenty of room to keep a trailer. And if you are interested in a just temporary situation for a few weeks or months (maybe just want to bring your horse somewhere new to ride for a few months) that's OK, too



There are a few simple requirements...


    1.(Sorry) Must be a woman

I am 42 years old and very happily married with one teenage daughter still at home, and the other in college. So for that reason, I must stipulate that this offer is ONLY good if you are a female (My hubby would not appreciate my riding alone with a man, and I would not be comfortable with that either - it's not appropriate or conducive to a long and happy marriage.) So please, for that reason alone, ladies only respond. (Or a man can respond if he is inquiring for his wife.)

*** That being said, I would also consider taking in two horses if a husband and wife want to take advantage of this offer together.


    2.Prefer geldings, but will consider mares


    3.Please... no chronic biters, or kickers, or attitudes welcomed or needed here (this includes people)

Since I live here and will be keeping an eye on your horse when you are not here, I have an appreciation for the 'friendlier pasture ornaments.' (smile) As I prefer my morning walks in the pasture to be pleasant and uneventful. My gelding is a sweetie-pie ALL-THE-WAY to everyone and everything including my sweetie-pie chocolate lab who gets along fabulously with my horse. Everyone here must get along. It is simply a REQUIREMENT.

    4.Please... NO BAD VICES... like cribbing... charging... (smile) you know what I mean!


    5.Please... Must be healthy & current with coggins


    6.Must be OK with pasture board...

I have about 6 acres of fenced pasture along-side Yahoola creek. The grass in this pasture is lush and thick - lots of clover, fescue and bermuda. My horse is fat and plump on just pasture grass alone. (see below)

I do have a small barn and easy access to electricity and running water.

I DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE AN EXTRA STALL... However, If you want to bring some wood in and build one... cool. I'll even help!! But as it is, it is a VERY small one-horse barn). I aleave the double stall door open and allow my horse to runin and out as he pleases. There is also a fan for hot summer days. There is also a side area on my barn which could be converted for shelter if preferred. I'm open to possibilities.

I do have a place to keep your tack where it will be safe from the elements, as well as theft or 'accidental borrowing' (as is commonly encountered with boarding facilities) .


    7.Must be OK with barbed-wire fences...

My fences are mostly barbed wire with wooden posts and t-posts and covered with thick natural barrier plants - vine and trees and what-not.
My horse will stay inside a shoe-string as long as there is good grass... will yours??? I am NOT implying that my fences are 'weak'. They are just fine. They are in good condition and are NOT falling down and I check them regularly in case repairs are ever needed. But they are wire and not wood, and I would not recommend my pasture to a horse that likes to plow through fences...


    8.Lastly... I am perfectly fine with boarding a draft horse...
as long as he will NOT tear down my fences, like the last Percheron I owned. (smile) I LOVE draft horses, especially when they are sweetie-pies, too!!!!



I will NEVER ride or mess with your horse unless you specifically ask me to do so.
I have my own horse to ride and mess with. However, I will be happy to talk to, love on, and baby-sit your horse in your absence,
including nightly snacks of carrots, apples and peppermints.




You will be financially responsible for your horse's medical, health, hoof-care and other essential needs...

I will be happy to assist you if needed or asked, and happy to stand with your horse for the farrier or vet if you can't be here and you let me know in advance.
But YOU are responsible for paying for your own horse's maintenance. I'm just offering FREE board.


After all that? And you're still here?? God IS GOOD!! :)


I know there are a lot of stipulations. (smile) It really is not all that complicated.
If it's God's will, I'll find somebody that fits. Or maybe you know of somebody? 

Are you  someone who is considerate, likes to trail ride, loves her horse like crazy and (like me) would just love to have someone to ride with?


Here are some photos...



 From my porch, I can keep a close eye on both my horse and yours. I can see the entire pasture from my home.  This is the main gate to my pasture. In addition to the creek in the back if the pasture, I keep a 40 gallon water barrell cleaned and filled with fresh water.
 This is looking out to my pasture. It goes as far as you can see in the photo to the tree-line. There is MORE than enough grass to keep two horses very happy. And plenty of shade all the time. Behind where I'm standing here is miles and miles and God only knows how many more miles of national forest and trails. And about a two mile ride to the R-Ranch. (A ride which I would LOVE to take on with a friend!!!) Again, I have a very small barn with only one make-shift stall. So I can only offer pasture board, unless we can figure out a way to make-shift an extra stall out of the side over-hang you see here... In any event, I do have a safe & dry place for tack and or feed storage.
Yahoola Creek - a mountain spring-fed trout stream provides fresh, clean water all the time. It is easily accessible in the rear corner of the pasture.
 We have a four-legged neighbor (way in the back, you'll see the black dot... But he is over 35 years old and lives on the other side of the creek.
 And my terribly fat and spoiled sweetie-pie horse. As you can see, he's not been missing any meals. He is the coolest horse. Very easy to get along with.  My sweetie-pie chocolate lab, Mojo loves horses and is all around mine all the time..under him, under the fear. So NO KICKERS please.

So,there it is. There's my offer.

I am trusting God will help me find someone to share this *blessing with. It is so beautiful out here. And we are all very easy-going, thankful and happy to be here. We are a fun family, we love and trust the Lord... That being said, we don't mind a glass of wine or even a Margarita from time-to-time with good friends and a good chuckle on the back porch. There's no stuffiness here and we are the LAST to judge.  Lord knows, (smile) we are NOT AT AAAAALLLL perfect.  We are a come as you are kinda family!  My husband does not ride, nor do my daughters. I have been accused of being a little crazy in that I love a good hearty laugh and I tend to say what-ever's  on my mind!  And I don't mind if you do the same.   It's a fun and relaxing place to hang out and I, personally LOVE an adventure~!

There is, I'm afraid just, one last thing I should probably make CLEAR... And this is why my husband lovingly refers to me as his 'delicate flower'!... (Cause I really do just come out and say what's no my mind!...SO here it comes...

 (lib's turn back now, or consider yourself warned and prepare yourself for truth...




I am a proud Ronald-Reagan-brand-Conservative - country-loving American!

I believe in our founding fathers and their principles, SMALL government, LEGAL-immigration,
FAIR TAX is the ONLY fair tax... and that this country is NOT a DEMOCRACY, but a REPUBLIC!!!!! 

Oh...and I LOVE Glenn Beck.

So if you are a 'BARAMA' fan, we probably won't get along very well.

So there you have it.



If this is you, please feel free e-mail me at:


Tell me about yourself and your horse...
You're welcome to include a pic of your handsome beast. And please tell me why you think it might be a fit.