Pool Rules

Ridge Water 2018 Pool Season/ Rules


Pool Open Dates May 28th – September 5th

Pool Hours: 10am – 9pm

(Please insure gate is locked as you enter and exit the pool area)




1- No solo swimming or diving by anyone under the age of 18.

2- No pushing, boisterous or rough play, spitting or nose blowing

3- No smoking in fenced area

4- No glass allowed in pool or on pool deck area

5- No alcohol consumption permitted inside pool fenced area, playground or parking area

6- No persons with skin, eye, nasal infections or communicable diseases in pool

7- No animals or pets in pool or pool area

8- No skate boards, bikes, or roller blades permitted inside pool fenced area




1- Swim-diapers required for all non-potty trained children

2- Children 6 & younger must be accompanied to restroom by adult

3- Children 16 and younger may not enter pool or pool area without adult supervision

4- No one under the age of 18 may enter the pool area after 8pm unless accompanied by an adult Ridge Water resident




Please remove all personal items and place personal trash in garbage can upon exiting




Number of guests is limited to 4 – Guests must be accompanied by adult Ridge Water resident


Ridgewater HOA reserves the right to revoke any homeowner’s / household’s access to the pool for misuse or non-compliance with community pool rules