Welcome to the home of Vista Ridge High School's AP European History classes. This site will be the clearing-house for links and the home for your class calendar. The calendar has links to assignments.
I'm not promising that this page will be updated all that often, but this is a nice easy web address to bookmark. The pages you're used to using are still at their old homes, but now you can link from here as well.
Over on the left hand rail, you can see some useful pages to check on in all the free time you're using to surf the internet, which you should be using to study for AP! The PowerPoint page contains prensentations from the book publisher, as well as any PowerPoints I have used in class, starting from now, so you miss out on the classic Jethro Tull and Napoleon PowerPoints.
CHAPTER 28 ID terms, due 10 April, are on the calendar! 
And now, the management is happy to present, the tournament of European History.


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