Applicant Questions

How much is the scholarship?

The inaugural scholarship of $2,500 was awarded in 2008.  In subsequent years the award was increased to $4,000, $5,000, $6,000, $7,500, upwards to $12,500. The 2018 award is $18,000. Future scholarships will depend on the success of the fundraising and the return on the invested principal amount.

How do I apply?

Click on this page's "Apply" tab.

What is this year's deadline for applications?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Who picks the scholarship winner?

Ridge Alumni Memorial Scholarship board members will select the winner in accordance with the criteria established by scholarship founders.

What are the scholarship criteria?

  • Exceptional character, demonstrated by determination, good works, team play, and a positive outlook in the face of adversity.
  • Evidence of significant personal growth and improvement while at Ridge High.
  • Finally, preference will be given to students for whom receipt of the scholarship award will make a difference in the student’s future, although it is not strictly a need-based award.

Will GPA/SAT scores work for or against me?

Applicants may choose their own evidence of measures of character, determination, personal growth and improvement. GPA and SAT scores are considered only if applicants offer them as indicators of meeting these criteria.

Is the scholarship just for college tuition?

No. Scholarship awards may be applied to a variety of educational, vocational, and related expenses. See the Guidance staff for details.

How will scholarship winners be notified?

Recipients will be notified by email prior to May 1.

Some reasons I'm a candidate for the award are very personal. I don't want my whole essay posted on the Ridge AMS website. What should I do?

Tell your story in your application. Winners must approve the excerpts posted. The selection committee’s goal is to recognize character, not embarrass or upset applicants or their families. 

What if I want to write an application that's longer than 750 words? Or attach more pages than specified?

Knock yourself out. Just know that the selection committee will review the specified amount. After that, additions won't help you.

I want to resubmit my application, because I have more information or because I've revised my essay. Is that OK?


I'm not into reading instructions, so I might put the app form inside my email, and/or I might attach the essay instead of putting it in my email. Or put it in a format the Selection Committee can't read. No problem, right? 

Good luck w/ that. 

Who started Ridge AMS? When?

Ridge AMS was founded in 2007 by alumni of the Class of 1967 to mark the 40th anniversary of their graduation and to honor their classmate, John Peterson, who died in Vietnam shortly after graduation and before his full potential could be realized. The fund also honors other classmates and all Ridge High School alumni who have passed away.

Donor Questions

Who may donate to Ridge AMS?

Ridge AMS will accept gifts, matching gifts and pledges from anyone who shares its mission. Ridge alumni from any class, Ridge classes, parents, siblings, spouses and children of Ridge students are encouraged to support this cause.

What portion of donations goes to scholarships?

100%. Ridge AMS is an all-volunteer organization. All expenses - administration, web design, printed materials and even legal services - are donated by Ridge AMS organizers.

To whom do I make my check payable?

Make your check payable to: “Ridge Alumni Memorial Scholarship.”

Where do I send my donation?

Ridge AMS, 777 Highland Ave., Piedmont, CA 94611. Ridge AMS organizers live all over the country. If you like, verify legitimacy with Ridge Guidance Dept.

Will I receive a receipt?

Yes. Ridge AMS will acknowledge your donation via email, and this message can serve as a receipt for income tax purposes.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, donations may be tax deductible under applicable law, IRS 501(c)(3). 

Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?

Sorry, not at this time. We're working on it, though.

Will scholarships be awarded every year?

Annual scholarships are the goal of Ridge AMS. However, if no applicant fits the criteria or if the Fund’s assets are too low to support a grant, the scholarship fund board reserves the right to bypass a graduating class.

Can I spread my donation over more than one year?

Yes. Let us know your plans by writing the total amount of your pledge on the donation form that you submit with your initial contribution. Also tell us the schedule of subsequent payments you are planning to make. We will be happy to send you email reminder notices.

My employer will match my donation. Can I get credit for both?

Yes. Ridge AMS will help you take advantage of a matching gift program, and your donor level will be recorded as the sum of both gifts. Different employers have different procedures. You may need to request a matching gift request form from your human resources department, fill out your information, sign the form, and then send the form to us along with the Ridge AMS donation form and your check. We will fill out our portion of your employer's form and send it back to your employer for processing. Alternatively, your employer may want to contact us directly. After your employer determines our eligibility, your employer may send its matching gift check to us.

Can I include Ridge AMS in my planned giving?

Yes. Planned giving would include naming Ridge AMS in wills, trusts or split interest gifts. Consult your financial advisor to learn more about your planned giving options.

May I donate shares of stock to Ridge AMS?

Yes. Donation of appreciated shares of a mutual fund or a stock can be a tax-efficient alternative to a cash gift. You will be able to deduct the current market value of the gift for income tax purposes, and you will avoid capital gains taxes you would have owed if you had sold the assets.

Questions about the Virtual Memorial

Where do I send my Virtual Memorial message?

Send it with your check to: Ridge AMS, 777 Highland Ave., Piedmont, CA 94611. Use the donation form.

How long can my Virtual Memorial message be?

Ridge AMS will do its best to accommodate any message offered by a contributor.

Must I sign my message?

No. Feel free to remain anonymous if you wish. This is an option on the donation form.

May I leave a message for the deceased parent of an RHS alumnus?

Of course. Ridge AMS welcomes messages dedicated to anyone associated with Ridge High School - student, alumni, parent, child, teacher, classmate or friend - who contributed to the journey of another.

Will you edit my message?

Insofar as possible, your message will appear just as you submit it. Ridge AMS reserves the right to delete inappropriate language or content.

How soon will my message appear?

As soon as possible. Your donation will be deposited by Ridge AMS, and your message will then be added to the Virtual Memorial by volunteers. Ridge AMS volunteers will make every effort to post messages promptly, and appreciate your patience.

Why do so many messages pertain to the Class of 1967?

Ridge AMS was founded by members of RHS Class of 1967. John Peterson became the first person from that class to pass away when he was killed in Vietnam shortly after graduating. John was the catalyst for Ridge AMS and the model for its scholarship criteria. The Class of ’67 challenges RHS graduates from other classes to exceed its Virtual Memorial message count and contributions.