Ride The Sky USA.com

Welcome to RideTheSky Helicopters!

We strive to ensure everyone has an enjoyable, scenic and safe flight.

RideTheSky Helicopters is based out of Sioux Falls, SD. We also can fly in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area.

With over 15 years in helicopter flying experience our pilot will make sure you will

 have an unforgettable flight.

We travel around the mid-west going to city's and town festivals. 

We also do specific types of flights like:

*Aerial Photography        *Wildlife Management

*Scenic Flights              *Power Line Patrol

*Grand Openings         *Family Reunions

*Real Estate            *Birthday Parties

*Land Surveying            *Air Rides

*Special Events         *News/Media

To schedule a flight or to host us at one of your events call us (612-328-7668) or Email Us!


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