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Please plan on volunteering and/or participating at the inaugural DR100, a Metric Century & ½ Century Charity ride & 5K run scheduled for September 18, 2010.  This event is in memoriam of Dr. Joseph Mirenda who was struck and killed on a bike just 5 miles south of JMU on August 2009.  This ride will celebrate his life and love of cycling!  

The Metric Century ride, 100 kilometers or 62 miles, will be a one way trip from Sherando Lake Camp ground to JMU and the Half Metric, 50 kilometers or 30 miles, will be a loop ride (starting and returning at JMU CISAT campus).  A parallel event the DR5k, a 5 kilometer or 3.1 mile run, will also be held that same day on JMU’s grounds.  

Finish line festivities will follow all the events.  Proceeds will cycle into bicycle and pedestrian lane expansions on University campuses and public roads.   This event will be an annual event. 

Who Was Joe, the cyclists that this ride is dedicated to

Joe Mirenda was truly one of the great ones. A brilliant physician, a striving athlete, a loving father and husband and a true friend, he was one of the nicest, most pleasant people one had the privilege of knowing. He was principled, caring, a real thinker, and a blast to be around. He had a great sense of humor, day-in and day-out. Most importantly, he knew how to appreciate life and keep a balance between work and fun. 

Doc Joe was a respected physician. He knew he wanted to be a doctor since he was very young and worked hard to achieve that goal. Joe was accepted out of high school into a six-year medical program at Northwestern University. He did a residency in Anesthesia at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He then went into the Air Force and created a Critical Care Fellowship program at Wilford Hall Medical Center. Joe worked 12 years as an anesthesiologist at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital and then as a Cardiac Anesthesiologist at Sentara Heart Hospital for six years. On his days off and weekends, he worked in the ICU’s at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital. He took extra care of his patients there, never leaving their sides until they were stable. 

To say Joe took care of himself is an understatement. Joe’s father died at the age of 52 of a brain tumor, his sister at age 50 of unknown causes and his mother of colon cancer. I think Joe knew the odds were against him. He drove himself to be as healthy as possibly. He was a phenomenal athlete. He worked out religiously, always pushing himself harder, no matter how tired he was from working long hours or a night of call. He rode his bicycle every chance he got in the summer, even shaving his legs in hopes of being more competitive. He ran in the winter, always preparing for another race. His colleagues at work will attest to the fact that all he ate for lunch every day was a can of tuna fish, a slice of whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit! How many of us can turn down a wonderful buffet supplied by a pharmaceutical company or a pot luck spread for someone’s birthday? Joe could. He strived to keep his body fat percentage low and his heart healthy. Ironically, Joe did all of these things so he would live a longer, healthier life. 

We will remember him for his friendship, his easy, comfortable way, his sense of humor, his love of animals and especially, his great love for his family. He was an amazing father and husband. We will have so much that is good to hold onto in our memories of Joe and the example he gave to his children. We will forever miss coming home to him sitting in the front yard waiting for us with a US history book or a medical text in front of him and a cat on his lap.

Public Service Announcements from Clear Channel

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News Articles

The Breeze, April 29th 2010 http://breezejmu.org/2010/04/29/riding-in-remembrance-2/

Daily News Record On-Line;

Cyclist's Son: Dad A Great Role Model http://www.dnronline.com/news_details.php?AID=40363&CHID=1

Bicyclist Killed By Car ID'd http://www.dnronline.com/news_details.php?AID=40305&CHID=1

WDBJ http://www.wdbj7.com/global/story.asp?s=11008504

The Purpose (Mission)
  • To promote safer roads in Virginia
  • To celebrate Dr Mirenda's love of cycling
  • Establish a James Madison University grant which will apply proceeds to enhance JMU student, faculty and staff's bicycle and pedestrian safety through bicycle & pedestrian lane expansion on JMU campus as well as appropriate road signage.
  • To help fund bicycle lanes on Virginia public roads.

This event is for everyone who wants to support the ability for all of us to go outside of our homes, on any given day, and go for a nice leisurely walk, run or bike and not feel like you're going to be run over by passing cars & trucks.

Overview of the Event

There are 3 events, a point to point 100k ride, an out and back 50k ride and a 5 k run.
The 100k ride will start at the Sherando Lake campground and ride 62 miles or 100km to the JMU CISAT building, transportation will be available from JMU to the start before the ride.
Post ride festivities will include a lunch, DJ / band, and ... more to come later

Day of Event 

DR100 Memorial Ride and Run/Walk Event Schedule

September 18, 2010

JMU Festival Conference & Student Center Lawn


http://www.jmu.edu/maps  (Skyline area – east campus)

Rain location – all events -- JMU Festival Drum (lower level adjacent to Lawn)

100K bike ride

6:00 am – 6:45 am            Arrive at JMU  --  Ride day Registration and Pre-registered check-in                                           -   JMU Festival Lawn   (Festival will open at 6:00 a.m. for restroom access)

6:15 am – 7:00 am            Load buses (participants) and trucks (bikes) - leave campus via JMU buses to Sherando Lake (buses will leave as they are filled up).  On the buses, a DR100 volunteer will communicate to riders the course route, rules & safety tips

7:30 am - 8:00 am             Start ride from Sherando Lake – Riders are free to go as soon as they are ready.  There will be drinks/snacks at Sherando provided by Wintergreen Resort.  Along the course route, there will be 5 rest stops with drinks/snacks available approximately every 10 miles.

12:00 Noon – 2:00 pm    Finish ride and return to JMU Campus – Festival Lawn/Patio

50K bike ride

9:00 am – 9:45 am            Arrive at JMU -- Ride day Registration and Pre-registered check-in --                                         -   JMU Festival Lawn

10:00 am                              Communicate to riders the course route, rules & safety tips; then start ride from JMU Festival Lawn.  Along the course route, there will be 3 rest stops with drinks/snacks available approximately every 10 miles.

12:00 Noon-2:00 pm       Finish ride and return to JMU Campus – Festival Lawn

5K run race & walk

10:00 am – 10:45 am       Arrive at JMU -- Ride day Registration & Pre-registered check-in  -  JMU Festival Lawn

11:00 am                              Communicate to runners / walkers the course route, rules & safety tips; then start 5k competitive race (chip timing) through campus designated route

11:05 am                              Start 5k non-competitive run/walk (no chip timing) – same route.  At the mid point of the course route, there will be one rest stop with drinks available.

12:00 Noon                         Finish run/walk at JMU Festival Lawn


Post ride/run/walk

11:15 am – 3:00 pm         Refreshments (lunch & drinks provided to the cyclists; snacks & drinks provided to the runners/walkers) and entertainment (Radio station DJ) offered for participants & volunteers

12:00 Noon                        Recognitions offered to 5k race winners; thanks to all running participants; comments by Mirenda family

2:00 pm                                Thanks to all biking participants; comments by Mirenda family

3:00 pm                                Conclusion of event; local sports bars are offering deals to participants

Course Description
The DR100k will have a rider limit of 200 cyclists.  Please register early to guarantee your place.
DR100k will traverse your way from Sherando Lake campground through the beautiful and scenic Shenandoah Valley ending at JMU CISTAT .
Cyclists will arrive at the James Madison University and have their bicycle loaded into trucks and board buses and be transported to the starting line.  If you can arrange for your own transportation to the starting line or back after the event then you can register for a discount (contact c.robert.cone@gmail.com for information).  The ride officially starts at 8:00am from Sherando Lake but cyclists must be at JMU to board the bus beginning at 6:00am.  There will be no transportation back to Sherando Lake after the event.
Starting at Sherando Lake the cyclists will ride through some beautiful back country low traffic roads.  The first rest stop will be at Rock Fish Gap Outfitters, a fully stocked bicycle shop with snacks, water and sports drink and restroom facilities.  The riders will then ride through the town of Waynesboro and quickly back onto back country roads.  The second rest stop will be at the New Hope Ruritan Club where snacks, drinks, and rest rooms will be available.  The third and last stop will be at the Keezeltown Ruritan Club, with snacks, drinks and restrooms.  This rest stop is also shared with cyclists of the 50k route.  The final miles of the route will take you though the old town of Harrisonburg, and right onto JMU's campus to the Festival Center where finish line festivities, door prizes and other cool stuff will be.

DR100 Route Photos

DR50K - Enjoy the rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley on a loop course.  We will meet the 100K riders just past our 30K mark for an explosion of bicycles dominating the beautiful Shenandoah Landscape.

DR5K - For fun or for sport this 5k run is a certified event and is sure to be exciting.  The run is through JMU campus along the colonial route and is a JMU sanctioned event. It has been USATF certified to be an exact 5K so you can try to beat your personal best! 

What is included in the registration fees

Each participant will receive an event t-shirt, reflective arm band, rest stop and start / finish line snacks and drinks. 
The reflective arm back comes in a 9" or 12" version, will be purple and have a cell phone / ipod holder and emergency ID card.  Like the one shown here; http://shopsayreonline.com/shop/product.php?productid=17576&cat=272&page=1
Each cyclists will also receive a box lunch at the finish line.
Cyclists who register for the 100k have transportation from JMU to the starting line included.
For an additional $10.00 on top of your registration fees you can upgrade your event t-shirt to an aol Performance Tee like the one shown here.  http://www.alosport.com/items.php?itemid=5&deptid=2
There will be a some extra arm bands and performance tee shirts for sale on the day of the event with limited supplies.
Concession stands will also be open at the finish line.


Parking will be available in designated sections of the JMU campus.

Check List for the Riders

  1. Decide which event you will register for, the 100k ride, 50k ride or 5k run.
  2. If participating in the DR100k
    1. Decide if you plan to stay in Harrisonburg, Wintergreen, or camp at Sherando Lake Campgrounds the night before.
    2. Arrange for Transportation - Rider and bicycle transportation is included in the 100k registration fees.  Riders will meet early that morning (6:00am) at JMU, load their bikes and ride buses to the starting line.
  3. Pre-register, book rooms.


There is no additional fee for transportation if you registered for the 100k.  Meet at the JMU CISAT for a 6:30am to 7:00am departure.  There will be busing and a trucks for bikes leaving the JMU CISAT until 7:00am.  Please arrive from 6:00am to 6:45am have your bike loaded and get on the bus.  Riders can park at JMU, then ride the bus to the starting line, then ride bikes back to JMU at their own pace.  Riders will depart from Sherando Lake Once they arrive at JMU their cars will be there, lunch will be provided and the after ride festivities will begin.  Because of the transportation there will be no walk up or day of event registration for the 100k ride.  If you are providing your own transportation to the starting line, register for the 50k ride.

How are they planning on transporting the bike for the DR100?

How to safely transport 50 bikes in a 26 ft truck.  Courtesy of Mr Charles Fox Event Director of FestiVELO in Charleston South Carolina. 

How to Pack Bikes

  • bicycle packing 50 in 26 ft rental.pdf   3153k - Feb 12, 2010, 11:29 AM by Robert Cone (v1)
    ‎SAFELY PACKING BIKES Copied from John Bryant, after years of minor changes, founder of The Assault on Mt Mitchell & Cycle South Carolina How to secure 50+ bikes In a 24-26 ft rental truck‎
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When you ride a bike on a street or road, you are a driver. Cyclists fare best when they act and are seen as motorists.


You have the same road rights and responsibilities as the driver of a car or truck.


To have a safe ride, follow these rules as you ride:


·         Approved helmets must be worn at all times when on the bike.

·        Ride single file when any vehicle traffic present.

·         Obey all traffic signs and signals ALL THE TIME.

·         Never wear headphones.

·         Ride on the right side of the lane, a few feet from the edge.

·         ALWAYS ride in the same direction as traffic.

·         Ride single file to allow traffic to pass.

·         Never ride more than two abreast -- THIS IS THE LAW.

·         Pass on the left only and announce to other cyclists when you are approaching.

·         Give hand signals when stopping or turning.

·         "Ride friendly," and respect the communities that we ride through.

·         Riders under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

·         Riders under 12 must be on a bike with an adult.



Good Ideas For Cycling Smart:

·         Ride in a straight line. Do not weave.

·         Cross railroad tracks at a right angle.

·         Make eye contact with drivers before turning.

·         Glance back before moving right or left.

·         Watch out for yourself. Do not depend on other riders to spot hazards like potholes or uneven payment.

·         Talk to your fellow cyclists. Let them know “CAR BACK,” “ON YOUR LEFT” or “STOPPING.”

·         Before passing, be sure it is clear, and then signal.

·         When passing another cyclist, call out “ON YOUR LEFT.”

·         When you hear someone say “ON YOUR LEFT,” do not turn around. Hold handlebars steady and your bike straight.

·         Carry ID, spare change, cell phone, liquids to drink, spare tube, tools, pump, wear a mirror, eye protection, and sunscreen.


Common Mistakes TO AVOID:

·         Following too closely behind other bicyclists. This IS the primary cause of accidents.

·         Riding outside your heart rate. Stay within your comfort and “lung” limit.

·         Standing in the road when NOT riding. Get off the road when stopped.

·         Not watching for road-edge hazards, such as drains, trash, low branches, potholes, glass, sand, gravel, and parked vehicles.

·         Riding more than two abreast. If cars are behind you, move to single file and wave the driver around you.


After Ride Festivities

More info to come later.
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