Mother  Adi  shakti


        When Mother looked in my eyes

        I suddenly lost the weight of maya.

       My body and thought shrivelled

       Together to futility and nothingness

      And my heart was filled with joy.



     The sparks of Her Spirit ignited

     A mild and cool Kundalini  - fire

     That softly and gently remodelled

     My body into a timeless temple

     To be occupied by Mother Adi Shakti.



    A bundle of translucent beams

    Transformed my thoughts into fountains

    Of wordless prayers, extending

    To the throne of the Golden Goddess

    Dressed in Her gorgeous garment of Love.



   A balmy breeze blew through my soul

   And swept the lingering dust of ages,

   Erased the stains of earlier lives

   And poured a shower of lasting love

   Into the chalice of my eager Self.