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Hi there,
I'm Davide Rizzo (a.k.a. pievarino) PhD in Agricultural Sciences at the Scuola Superiore Sant'anna of Pisa. I started my research activities in Pisa (at the Land Lab ). The main topics I work on are the relationships between agriculture and landscape, focusing on the management of Mediterranean terraced landscapes and the agricultural system mapping.

Landscape is for me a "place" where different disciplines and actors may share ideas and find solutions to manage relevant resources like soil, water and biodiversity.

Landscape Agronomy is an "opinion movement" arising within Agronomy to push for the active role of agronomist in the crowded domain of landscape research. This new field for addressing agricultural landscape dynamics is discussed in a perspective paper recently published. Here you find further references.

I live in Pieve a Nievole (that's the way of the nickname "pievarino") located half way between Pisa and Florence. I spent three years in France, in Mirecourt, for a postdoc at the INRA UR 055 SAD ASTER [page in French]. You may find a short report on the research group at this link (pp 13-14).