Rich Coding

Here I will be presenting stuff I did, stuff I do, and maybe stuff I think I will be doing in the future perhaps. 



Things I look out for while developing any code:

  • Requirements (What do we want and why)
  • Usability           (how users will see the product)
  • Re-usability     (how the product can grow beyond the initial scope or intent)
  • Versioning       (how to maintain several releases/builds/sources of a product/project)
  • Performance   (how well it runs, is used, can run, can be used)
  • Testing             (does it do what we want it to do? will we be able to easily verify if a change didn't break the relationship between what we want and what it does?)
  • Reporting         (Keep track of what the project means, inside the source, and out)
  • Maintainability (Will it be able to go on running with current specs? Can it change when specs change?)
  • Safety                (How safe is this, what does it need, what does it use, can it be misused?)
  • Deployment     (How does the customer get the Product?)