An infrastructure for supporting the semantic interoperability of biomedical resources based on the management (storing and inference-based querying) of their ontology-based annotations
(Fig. 1)
. The infrastructure consists of: 
  1. a repository to store and query ontology-based annotations (API - https://github.com/sarala/ricordo-rdfstore
  2. a knowledge base server with an inference engine to support the storage of and reasoning over ontologies used in the annotation of resources  (API - https://github.com/sarala/ricordo-owlkb
  3. a set of applications and services allowing interaction with the integrated repository and knowledge base 
The framework presents a configurable, deployable infrastructure to allow individual communities to deploy within their environments. Configuration files are provided to configure each module to work within individual communities.

Figure 1: The current implementation of the infrastructure (enclosed by a red margin).