Flight gear/open source decal maker v1.0 algorithm (rough draft)



To add decals to aircraft.

This is optional; decals and decal templates are seperate from airplane models because.

    • Customizability

    • Portability

    • The decals will not affect the aircraft devolopment time

Decal Templates are used

– To speed up process of making detals

Original plane paint:

       This will be the default colors for the Aircraft model

Decal Template:

Description:  plane exterior images will be traced with two paint colors;. They will not be the color used to produce the plane images. The decal shapes you want will be one color all other exterior images will be another paint color. (Think of paper cutouts)

Decals Sets:

Decalgeneric – decal sets will be stored in a database for each and will not depend on the plane or template and are used primarily to give decal artists more flexibility and will be include in packs for the Decal creator itself.

Decalspecific: These decals are specific to both the aircraft and template.

Decal Creator

The decal Creator will be able to:

--Read an airplane model

-Compare model to decal template.

Other Features:

--Load and read both Decalspecific and Decalgeneric sets (in their respective databases)

--Read the Decal Template

-Invert the 2 colors, to make it the opposite.

--Produce custom Decal Templates

--Have basic options to edit decals

Swap Colors

Resize/zoom in/out

--Create decal templates.

--Painting decals

basic colors

Output to a paint program (advanced)

Save decals to database

Database Management


    -online or offline data management program can check for updates and update as necessary (similar to TerraSync for Flightgear)