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"Simplicity is the glory of expression." --Walt Whitman                                                                           -


 Oct. 2006 |  Trip to Cebu




Sat., 19 August 2006  |  From the Zoo to the Park

We're on forced leave today. Went straight to the Malabon Zoo after buying a Stofen omni bounce and a couple of Ridata CF cards at R. Hidalgo in Quiapo. After a quick lunch at an eatery across from the zoo, my wife and I paid P90 each to get in. But it was soon apparent that the Malabon Zoo is no photographer's paradise: all the animals here are kept inside protective cages. What little consolation I had came when a python named Madonna and an orangutan named Marie were taken out of their enclosures and displayed on stage before a small group of zoogoers. Picture taking was allowed at P20 per head.

From Malabon, off we went to the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife in Quezon City. Big park. Lots of visitors. A haven for nature-trippers. Take a look at some of my shots.









































Sat., 05 Aug 2006   |   Fort Santiago Revisited

Cloudy skies again, but then I had made up my mind to visit Fort Santiago.  Entrance was P40 per head. Anyway, the place looked fairly well maintained. There were tourists. Colegialas from St. Paul's College, too. Amorous pairs in secluded nooks. I was in luck--no rains to spoil my shoot. Here are a few pics I took with the 30D.


Not your everyday kind of entrance. 






Bricks and more bricks. 




Art for the masses.








Sleeping on the job. 










Lifeless in a living world.













Sa lunsod man, may paraiso rin. 






Pusang pa-cute. 

My sexy date.



30 Jul 2006   |   One Rainy

Afternoon at the Zoo

29 Jul 2006: Another rainy Saturday afternoon. Couldn't think of anywhere else to go except the Manila Zoo. Spent more time cooling my heels than pressing my camera's shutter because of the rains. There wasn't much to shoot, anyway, since the animals were mostly kept in cages with protective wires/bars. Not the right conditions to get creative. Better luck next time.


Viewing the action at the lagoon.


Boating with buddies. 


Monkey show. 


Di ba bawal mag-feed ng animals? 


Reaching out an arm for... peanuts. 


Mababaw ang kaligayahan ng Pinoy. 


Chow time. 


'You talkin' to me?'


We are family. 


Uy, ang tapang naman. 


The king.


Pinoy owl. 


Matang buhay na buhay.


Sarap maligo at maglaro sa ulan. 


Walang water shortage dito. 


 24 Jul 2006  |  Echoes from the Ecopark

22 July 2006: Spent a few hours on Sat. afternoon testing my new Canon 30D with 17-70mm lens at the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. Intermittent rains kept me from taking more shots than I did. Here are a few of them.



Come smell the flowers.


Bird houses for sale.


Paradise of trees.


Boating lagoon.



18 Jul 2006  |  A Few More Pics from Palawan


Stolen shot.


Island boats.

Boat with a name.



 02 Jul 2006  |  More from Palawan


 Anne at Pandan island in Palawan.

Sun shade.


"I'm cute."


Silvery sea.


21 June 2006  |  Fr. Ernie's 30th Sacerdotal Anniversary

Fr. Ernie Cervantes Tibay, who officiated my silver wedding anniversary mass in June last year, is an alumnus of the Mary Help of Christians seminary in Binmaley, Pangasinan. On 18 June this year, Fr. Ernie returned to his alma mater to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his ordination as a priest with relatives and friends, some of whom came all the way from Bergenfield, New Jersey, USA, where Fr. Ernie serves as parish priest. After saying Mass at the chapel, he led the guests, including the seminarians, to the gym for a hearty lunch. There, Ricky Enriquez, from New Jersey, presented the rector with a P250,000 donation on behalf of Fr. Ernie's parishioners in Bergenfield.

These are the mementos of that occasion.

Mary Help of Christians seminary and church in Binmaley, Pangasinan.  


Fr. Ernie (2nd from right).  






20 June 2006  |  My Fourth dailyawards.com Award


14 June 2006  |  The Palawan Experience

09 June/Fri: Grace, Jay, Mikey, Ernest and Mommy Susing left by PAL plane for Puerto Princesa. They booked themselves at the Fleuris hotel (later transferred to Legend).

10 June/Sat: It was my turn to head for Palawan, together with my daughter Anne and Fr. Ernie Tibay, our guest from New Jersey. My family welcomed us at the airport, and we all boarded a van for a two-hour drive to Sabang. At the wharf, we split into two groups and proceeded by banca to where the "underground river" is. There we had lunch, picnic-style. Then we entered the bat cave, assisted by a boatman who doubled as a tourist guide.

11 June/Sun: In the morning, a city tour took us to a crocodile farm, a coconut weaving shop and the Mitra farm. After lunch at the Legend hotel, we went island-hopping, with stops at Pandan and Snake.  

12 June/Mon: Return flight to Manila.



The dirty floor is her playground.

 This boy sits unmindful of the goings-on at a wharf in Sabang.


Lord of all jeeps.



Overloading is the name of the game.



Monitor lizard (bayawak).




Meet my twin brother.


Entrance to the bat cave at the underground river.


At the Mitra ranch.



Bearcats. Seen at the crocodile farm.


The house is in session.




Anne and her newfound playmates.


View from the stern of the catamaran.



Pandan island.


Island boats.


View from under a  hut.


The refreshment of choice at Pandan island.



Approaching Snake island.


A vision of paradise: Snake island. 


Another view of Snake island.


14 June 2006  |  Odds and Ends

 Taken at a fruit farm in the US late last year.


Detail of table setting at Antonio's, Tagaytay.


Beach light.


Santacruzan procession dancers.











Thu., 18 May 06  |  Guiding Hand

The young just setting out on their journey through life can profit from the guidance of the old and the wise. Photo taken at Montemar beach resort in Bagac, Bataan.








More mementos from Montemar.




Tue., 16 May 2006  | Tagaytay Retreat

After office hours on a rainy Friday (12 May), my family of six headed for Tagaytay to join the Focolare-led Mariapolis 2006 on the invitation of my cousin Nenita, a Focolarina based in Grottaferrata, Italy. We took a room at Filipinas Farms not far from the center of activities. When I woke up early on Saturday morning, the power had been cut off. This was the view that greeted us outside our second-story room. And so, while typhoon Caloy raged, we, along with the other participants, had a warm dose of inspiring talks that kept us in high spirits until we left before lunch on Sunday.




After hearing mass at Our Lady of Lourdes church, we treated ourselves to a Mother's Day lunch at Sonya's Garden.


A piece of the dining area.

Native decor; garden ambience.





Wed., 10 May 2006 | My First Photo Contest Award


My digital dreams have come true: the online members of dailyawards.com voted my entry, "NYC Highrise," the winner of the Cityscape category on 07 May 2006. Here's the winning pic:


I took the above shot late last year on the fly aboard a New York sightseeing bus in the company of Father Ernie Tibay, my wife and my son Ernest.

My target now is to win another prize--hopefully soon.

More photos...

Stone and Metal


Roof deck of The World Centre in Makati.


A slice of the Makati skyline.


Which Way the Wind Blows


Above the Rest


Stairway to the Top


Thu., 04 May 06 | Montemar Beach Landing Part 2

Here are more pics from our recent foray into Montemar. Feel free to click on any pic to get a larger view.











Tue., 02 May 06 | Montemar Beach Landing

Summertime--and Metro Manila feels like an Arabian desert.  For four days, from 28 April to 01 May, we made the beach scene in Bagac, Bataan. My mother went with us, but Anne stayed behind. (If she only knew what she missed.)

Here's the story in pictures.


 Pinas remains one of the few places on earth where you enjoy heavenly views like this.


 The aircon of this bi-level room was up full blast all the time.

Lola and her boys

Deserted cabanas in the early morning


This hut looks better with these two hatted ladies around.


Bagong paligo



Kabayo na lang ang kulang sa eksenang ito.


O, eto na pala si Silveria!


Colorful banners.






 Sarap matulog...


Sarap magbasa.


O, may duyan pa!


For some, it's enough to just sit around and admire the beauty of the sky and the sea.


For others, kayaking...


... or banana boating was the way to go.


Looking around for souvenirs was another fun option.

Friendly games were in, too.


Sun., 23 Apr 2006  |   WIRED BABY

My daughter Anne has high hopes about hitting it big in the IT world.



Tue., 18 Apr 2006  |  Bulaklak Noon at Ngayon


 The young and the young once. In terms of age, almost seven decades separate these two flowers of their generations.

These and the next four photos below were taken in Tagaytay Cit Holy Week


Dilaw na Pares.



A closer view of the iconic Taal.  

(See other photo below.)   


MON., 17 Apr 2006   |   Easter Escape

Holy Week is vacation time here in the Philippines. The no-work period started on Wednesday afternoon. After staying at home on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, my family motored to Tagaytay for a weekend getaway on Black Saturday.

We holed up in Casita 1A of the Hotel Dominique, with my mother in tow (it was her first trip there). That evening, we dined at Antonio's to celebrate my birthday, with Anne's boyfriend Ivan as our guest. We checked out of the hotel at 11 am on Easter Sunday to hear mass at the nearby Our Lady of Lourdes parish church before having lunch at Josephine's. Here are some of the mementos of that trip.



 View of Taal volcano from Josephine's restaurant. Taken on Easter Sunday.


 Nanay and her two apos.




 Fruits of the season.




 Outside a casita at Hotel Dominique. 








Breakfast alfresco.



 Dinner at Antonio's on Black Saturday. 



Do I look like I need a long R&R? 


Tsibugan on Easter Sunday. 



Tue., 12 Apr 2006  |  MAHAL NA ARAW




To the above gem from St. Augustine, I'd like to add this one from Scottish dramatist/novelist James Matthew Barrie: "Life is a long lesson in humility."  Perfect food for thought this Holy Week.

 Photo from the Net


M0n., 11 Apr 2006  |  Nanay



I took the above shot of my 90-year-old mother during the  Christmas holidays. She looks sad and lonely here, doesn't she?


Fri., 07 Apr 06  |   View from a Hotel Room


Around 6 am on a weekday. Many city folks were still in bed. This worker, however, was already going about his work, mopping the roof deck of the Pan Pacific hotel. And who will appreciate such a spic-and-span deck? Only the guests in the upper floors, I guess.


Thu., 06 Apr 2006  |  Photos Part 2



Look, may meaning ang above pic: In life, we often have to make do with whatever is given to us. My comb may lack a "tooth,"  but I will use it for as long as I can. Puede pa naman. Ang lalim 'no?



This strange-looking object is a "scunchie" (?) daw. In plain Tagalog, pantali ng buhok. Gets n'yo na?

No problemo with these two, di ba?


Wed., 05 Apr 06  |  Deluxe Days


 On Sunday afternoon (02 Apr), Grace and I, together with our youngest child Ernest, checked in at the Pan Pacific Hotel along Adriatico St. in Manila.


Grace's sister Agnes, a pediatrician, was our gracious host. She and her husband Sam were billeted at the Philippine Plaza.


For three days, until we checked out at noon today (Wed.), the Pan Pacific was our home.


Needless to say, it was a most relaxing stint. :)






While at the hotel, I took the opportunity to hone my macro photography skills. May I share these photos with you?                                                                   






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