me@TAURicky Rosen             ריקי רוזן

Princeton University


Office : 35 Olden St., Room 103C
              Princeton, NJ 08540





email:  rickyr -at– princeton –dot– edu


Or: ricky -dot- rosen -at- weizmann –dot– ac –dot- il



I am a postdoc at the Center for Computational Intractability (CCI) at Princeton University.

Prior to that, I was a postdoc at the faculty of mathematics and computer science at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

I was a computer science PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Ran Raz (The Weizmann Institute of Scienceand Prof. Oded Regev  (Tel Aviv University)

Fields of Interest

  • Theoretical Computer Science:
  • Complexity, Approximation Algorithms


·        Ran Raz, Ricky Rosen, A Strong Parallel Repetition Theorem for Projection Games on Expanders pdf
Proc. of CCC 2012.

·        Boaz BarakAnup RaoRan Raz, Ricky Rosen, Ronen Shaltiel Strong Parallel Repetition Theorem for Free Projection Games  Proc. of  RANDOM 2009 pspdf

·        Ricky Rosen, A k-Provers Parallel Repetition Theorem for a version of No-Signaling Model Proc. of COCOON 2010. pdf

  • Oded Regev, Ricky Rosen Lattice Problems and Embeddings 
    Proc. of STOC 2006. pspdf

  • Adi Avidor, Ricky Rosen A Note on Unique Games
    Information Processing Letters 99(3):87-91 (2006).

  • Ricky Rosen Lattice Problems, Norm Reductions and Embeddings
    Master Thesis, the school of Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University 2006 pdf