Shakeout Camp – Surviving Well by Ricky K. Hanson

It was 16th April, 2015, when the Emergency Essentials along with the Be Ready Utah were part of the Great Utah Shakeout. It is a renowned readiness program inaugurated state-wide where the families and the different Utah business practice for their preparedness for the big possible earthquake events. The practice is done for the key aspects such as the evacuation plan food/water storage, precautions to take, communication strategies and a dozen of other related things. 

On our part, we work to set up a few tents to elaborate that how living can be after a devastating earthquake. We just had the heaviest snowfall in the last 4 months’ time, just a day before the shakeout. Practicing the setting up of the tent city in snow is good as the odd predicts that the land possibly would be covered in snow if god forbid, a devastating earthquake occurs.

In the Shakeout camp site, there were as many as 3 tents of distinct sizes with a canopy and a small privacy shelter which serves as a temporary restroom. You can witness yourself that the tents weren’t just like any other weekend warrior. You can try them to find out that they are out of the ordinary. A single tent could accommodate a whole family comfortably by complementing them with a lot of facilities that they could have in their proper home. .

The Privacy Shelter (Portable) and the Twin Peaks Tent (Mountain Trails) have the pivotal role to play. The tent used here is a light and a small one which is ideal for some small camping trips or for carrying a light and easy shelter with you on an emergency evacuation. The size of the tent is good to support2 people comfortably. It could be a great deal of support when all other options fail in an earthquake situation.

After that, we have the weird type Barebones tent. This type is available in two sizes where the smaller   tent is for 2 people and the bigger (Safari Outfitter) tent is for 4 to 6 people. The tents are durable with immense longevity and you really can trust to live in this thing for a good amount of time with ease, if needed.

The ceiling of these tents can be lifted up to 9 feet having a pitch roof of 28 degree. When you are looking to pack up then don’t mind brushing off the snow or drying the stuff. You can pack wet and when you open it again after weeks or months for setting up, it will be dry with no awful smell issues at all.

Now it comes to the GeoShelter which is the last in our list of tents. Yu can call it the king of the shelters as it can accommodate more than a dozen people at once. The GeoShelter also had a number of boxes to provide dozens of people living inside the tent with food for 3 months. The stove inside the tent made cooking of that food very easy.

The stove placed inside the tent was of high quality and the construction of the tent was also durable and strong. Another great plus is that these domes can be hooked up together in order to create a nice village of your own with multiple people living inside. This is a great blessing, particularly for those who are affected due to a disastrous earthquake and they have a family to look after. 

Believe it or not, there is a lot more than just saying how amazing that these tents are. The major point to consider here is that the tents will provide you with an excellent quality of life despite being stuck from a disaster such as earthquake. It is true that there are some features/options which are not that amazing as the others, but still the thing is good to prepare you well for the disaster. 

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