About this Wiki
Welcome to my personal wiki.  It's here mainly as a one-stop shopping place for links and resources that I use on a regular basis, or that I need to keep easily accessible.  Sometimes I need something a little more concise than Evernote, as much as I use and rely on that service.  My goal for this wiki is keep those items organized for school, for photography, and for family.  I'm sure I will find other uses as they come up.

What's a Wiki?
If you're new to that word, a wiki is a website that can be edited by anyone, given sufficient permissions.  They're generally used by organizations to keep their information as up-to-date as possible.  For example, when a new version of software comes out, the engineers of that software will make note of whatever changes are made, adding to, changing, or deleting the information on that site as necessary.  Clubs will use a wiki to post meeting dates and keep track of other resources as necessary.  I happen to use this one for my own personal business.  I have permissions set that I'm the only one who can edit content on here.  You can look, but don't touch. 

Anybody can have a wiki.  There are literally hundreds of options out there for hosted wikis, and there are even several options if you want to host and maintain your own.  I actually used MediaWiki for a long time, with my own webhosting, which is actually the same software used by Wikipedia.  However, I found that it got to be too much effort to maintain on a regular basis than was necessary for my purposes.  It even got hacked at one point because I hadn't bothered to update the version in a timely fashion.  I want to spend my time using a wiki, not updating it.  I settled on Google Sites because of it being easily accessible (I already use and am familiar with several of Google's services) and the likelihood that it will be ava
ilable to me for several years to come.  

Wikis in Education
A wiki is the perfect tool for many projects in and around schools. The wiki can be specific to a subject, a classroom, or even curriculum. I use mine to keep track of classroom curricula as well as our counseling program itself. See the Google presentation to the left for a lot more ideas.


YouTube Video

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