IDEA Candidate for Vancouver City Council

Former Independent Candidate for Vancouver City Council
 - Civic Election 2011 (3996 Votes) -

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> Accountability - Transparency - Efficiency <

> Community Dialogue <

> Increasing Value from Community Assets <

> Supporting Values Worth More Than Money <

> Innovation - that does not pit one group against another <

> Green is Good - but - Wellness is Better <

> Social Good - through the - Wellness-Way - motivating people to move away from something worse - towards something better <

Politics is the Art of Compromise and the Science of Understanding

Health, Wealth & Happiness

Supporting a - People-Focused - Wellness-Way
In the last Civic Election I supported Green City initiatives, but also asked the question - What good is green without health ?  As in Healthy People !  We need to do more than just be the "Greenest City in the World" we need to be the "Healthiest City in the World" as well !

Why IDEA ?

An IDEA whose time has come
After narrowly missing the COPE nomination for Parks I was invited to run under the IDEA Party banner for Council. IDEA was formed by former COPE member and candidate Jamie Lee Hamilton whose advocacy work is well known. I still support COPE but agree with Jamie that voices are not being heard within COPE regarding important issues that need to be addressed, and that the best way to deal with these issues is to run in the Civic election.