Periodical Literature Reviewed by ricklibrarian

Reviews and comments about items found in magazines, journals, and newspapers 

Architects of Learning - an article from the Boston Glob

Books: the New DVDs - an article in U.S. News & World report

Chicago Tribune Reports on Google

Examples of Corporate Thinking: A Danger to Libraries - comments on two disturbing news articles from the Chicago Tribune

A Foundation for Telling Life Stories by Alan Cheuse - an essay in the Chicago Tribune's book section

Hangouts Feed Souls of Lonely - A Chicago Tribune article about seniors at Kappy's Restaurant and implications for libraries

An Idea Whose Time Has Come: A New Forum (Blogging) Inspires Old (Books) by Joshua Kurlantzick - originally found in the New York Times, I saw in the Chicago Tribune weeks later

Knowledge for Sale - an article about the state of libraries from Utne

Librarians as Freedom Fighters - About an article on The Nation's website 

Library Journal with Aaron on the Cover

Morton's Neuroma - Magazine articles are a part of this reference report.

Photography in Nature Magazines

Pinstripes Invading Blogosphere - an article from the Chicago Tribune

Senegal's Entrepreneurs Can't Just Look Out for No. 1 by Laurie Goering - Goering is a Chicago Tribune correspondent from Africa

Shunned Cambodian War Amputees Build Home, Future Together - an article about Cambodia that is actually encouraging

True Story of Living in the Library - mentions article in American Libraries 

Vietnam, One Week's Dead, May28-June 3, 1969 - about finding an old Life Magazine article  

Where Are the Stories? Where Are the Bloggers? - reaction to a Chicago Tribune article

Where to Retire, a Magazine for Older Readers

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