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9/11, Books, and Libraries

Aaron Schmidt @ Your Library (photo) 

Andy Young Sings at the Thomas Ford Library (photo)

Animals from Children's Books on Postage Stamps

At the Reference Desk (cartoon) 

Big Read: Devil in the White City

Bookmarks Found in Library Books

Call Numbers Matter

Changing Roll of the Index Table (photo)

Consumer Heath Reference Sources: Finding Materials on Morton's Neuroma

Day in the Life of a Reference Librarian 2005

Death and Taxes at the Library: Stories of Service

Deep in the Microfilm the 1950s Still Live

Demise of Marshall Field"s: A Librarian's Viewpoint

Disappointing Circulation of the Bradbury Chronicles

Do I Still Use Reference Books

Dreaming About Old Libraries

EBSCO Results Enhanced with Clustering

Einstein on Libraies (photo)

Email Reference is Up at Thomas Ford

Establishing and Promoting Readers' Advisory in Small and Medium-sized Libraries

An Evening at the Opera from the Thomas Ford Memorial Library (story and photo) 

Favorite Places in the Library (a slide show) 

Google Notebook for NonfictionReaders' Advisory

Government Information to the People

Hangouts FeedSouls of Lonely 

How Libraries Deal with Donated Books

Hybrid Librarians

I Feel Like I've Been Cleesed: A Reference Interview Gone Wacky

I Learned to Be a Librarian Collecting Baseball Cards

Identifying Scientific Articles Through Blog Entries

If You Enjoy the Poetry of Robert Frost, You Might Try ...

Improving the Model for Interactive Readers' Advisory Service  

Instant Message Reference

Item Record for Eudora Welty by Suzanne Marrs (about books circs at small libraries)

Kathryn and John Atwood at Friday at the Ford (photo)

Let's Buy Some Books: Staying Relevant in a Competitive World

Library: An Unquiet History by Matthew Battles (book review)

Library Journal with Aaron on the Cover (other bloggers are there, too) 

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

Library Thing: The Personal Libraries of Librarians Catalogued Online

Making Things Last at Home and at the Library

Map That Locates Blogging Librarians

Memory of Renata Ochsner

Meredith's Survey of Library Bloggers

North Carolina State Catalog

NYPL Digital

Old Catalog Card for a New Book (image made with Ann Arbor tool)

On Assigning Call Numbers in a Public Library

Open WorldCat For Rural America

Poetry Books, Loan Periods, and Customer Service Models in the Public Library

Practicing Librarians' Book Reviews at Library Success

Pushing Books Successfully

A Question About Poetry Readers' Advisory

Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction by Joyce Saricks (a review)

Readers' Advisory Service in the Public Library by Joyce Saricks (an interview with the author)

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature: Finding "Vietnam: One Week's Dead, May 28 - June 3, 1969" in Life

Reading Glasses

ReadThisNow in Ohio

The Reference Desk Needs a Makeover for Readers' Advisory

Selecting Books for the Public Library in a Connected World

Should a Million Little Pieces Be Moved to Fiction?

Strange Virtual Afternoon

Teens in the Library Today

Thirteenth Century Librarians Lead Western Scholarship 

Thommy Ford on Top of Rosenkrantz Castle (photo)

Tis the Season to Weed the Travel Books

Trading Cards Dsipel the Notion That Librarians Are Boring

True Story of Living in a Library

Use of Library Thing by Small Special Library

Visit to the Orland Park Public Library 

Weeding Clinton and Bush 

What You'll Read Next: The Buzz of Books

Whole Library Handbook 4