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Blogging Out Loud: Shifts in Public View - LITA Forum 2005 (San Jose)

Challenges of Cyberinfrastructure and Choices for Libraries - Internet Librarian 2006

Changing Technology/ Changing Services/Changing Design - ALA Annual 2005 (Chicago)

Cokie Roberts Closes the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Conference Goer's Guide to Seating - Internet Librarian 2006

Cultivating Tech-Savvy Library Staff - Internet Librarian 2006

Downloadbale Books, Audio, and Video: One Experience  - LITA Forum 2005 (San Jose)

Establishing and Promoting Readers' Advisory in Small and Medium-sized Libraries - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Genealogy and Internet Basics for Reference Personnel - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Goodbye to New Orleans: Anderson Cooper and the Architecture of the Past - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Googlezon, Episode VI: Return of the Librarians - LITA Forum 2005 (San Jose)

Governement Information to the People - ALA Annual 1979 (Dallas)

Hear Here: Audiobook Trends in Libraries - ALA Annual 2005 (Chicago)

Increasing the Use of Online Products - Internet Librarian 2006 

Information and the Quality of Life: Environmentalism in the Information Age - LITA Forum (San Jose)

Internet Culture: What Do We Know About User Behavior? - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Internet Librarian Conference Traditions - Internet Librarian 2006

Libraries in Harrison County, Mississippi Still Need Help - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

LITA Forum and the Art Connection - LITA Forum 2005 (San Jose)

Madeleine Albright Gives Keynote Speech at ALA - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

The Michigan eLibrary: A State Gateway to Library Materials - LITA Forum 2005 (San Jose)

MySpace and FaceBook - Internet Librarian 2006 

One Book, One Community: A Look at the Future of This Growing Trend - ALA Annual 2005 (Chicago)

Notes from ALA in Dallas, 1979

Podcasting and Videocasting - Internet Librarian 2006

Presidential End of Term Web Harvest: Lessons Learned - LITA Forum 2005 (San Jose)

Reaching Patrons: Online Outreach for Public Libraries by Sarah Houghton-Jan - Internet Librarian 2006

Reference Interactions in the Digital Age: Revising the RUSA Behavioral Guidelines - ALA Annual 2005 (Chicago)

Rick Roche's "From the Bottom Technology" Trends - LITABlog lead to ALA Annual 2005 (Chicago) 

Robert Pinsky Reading The Life of David - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans) 

So You Want to Be a Reviewer - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Taking the Guesswork Out of Nonfiction Readers' Advisory - ALA Annual 2005 (Chicago) 

Thoughts on the American Library Association Annual Conference - ALA Annual 2005 (Chicago) 

Three Thoughts on Internet Librarian - Internet Librarian 2006 

Top ALA Conference Trends - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Web Presence for Internet Librarians - Internet Librarian 2006 

What You'll Read Next: The Buzz of Books - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

Wiki as Reseaarch Guide - Internet Librarian 2006 

Wikis: Basics, Tools, & Strategies by Meredith Farkas - Internet Librarian 2006 

Your Library Intranet: Hidden Tools, Not So Sexy, But Oh So Satisfying - ALA Annual 2006 (New Orleans)

In 2006, I plan to attend the ALA Annual in New Orleans in June and the LITA Forum in Nashville in October.  


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