"Frank & Jesse James" Song

Frank And Jesse James - Written & Recorded By Rickey Gene Wright (BMI)

The Song That Got The Songwriter Ball Rolling For Rickey Gene Wright

An old band mate called and told Rickey Gene that he had taught this song to numerous bar bands he had been in while working as a musician in Nashville. He ask if Rickey Gene's song, "Frank & Jesse James", had been registered with BMI or ASCAP and Rickey Gene told him not yet but it will be tomorrow..... and the songwriting started getting serious.

This song was written by Rickey Gene Wright, an Americana singer songwriter and musician from Texas, titled "Frank & Jesse James". Reference: Wikipedia: "Jesse James In Music" "Memorial Songs" Reference Rickey Gene Wright

A Texas Connection For This Texas Singer Songwriter:

A little history about Frank and Jesse James. They were two brothers who lived through the American Civil War and the bitter fight between the northern and southern sympathizers in the state of Missouri. This was a time when right and wrong became a blurry line and the James brothers were caught up in criminal acts on both sides of the war in Clay County Missouri. Frank & Jesse joined up with Quantrill's Raiders, a rebel confederate guerrilla organization, and their on the job training in how to be an efficient outlaw gang was a contributing factor for the James brothers to continue on as outlaws themselves after the Civil War. The state of Texas enters into the Frank & Jesse James outlaw legend as William Clark Quantrill led his confederate guerrillas from Missouri to spend the winter near Sherman Texas while Frank and Jesse rode with them. The James brothers also stayed in McKinney Texas the county seat of Collin County and circulated freely among the townspeople as they were looked upon not as outlaws but as confederate heroes. One incident in McKinney Texas helped endeared the James brothers with the local people. It happened when the federal government sent it's agents to buy mules from the East Texas farmers who had to sell their mules just to feed their families. Some 400 mules were brought to McKinney Texas and penned up there. One night Frank and Jesse James took down the fence and freed all the mules which many wandered back home to their previous owners. The James Brothers also had some "Methodist" friends they stayed with in Mesquite Texas and the old farm house is still standing today with the lookout tower that the James brothers had built so a guard could always be watching for approaching riders. So the legend of Frank & Jesse James with a Civil War connection and Texas connection lives on. An old outlaw in Granbury Texas claimed on his death bed in 1951 that he was Jesse James and that he had staged his own death in 1882.

"Frank And Jesse James"