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Cool Clock

Application History:
  • I first developed Cool Clock in 2010 which was designed to help teach elementary grade children how to read analog clocks.
  • Note that this application was originally developed on/for Java/Swing/Windows.
  • In late spring/early summer 2011, I ported one of the seven screens in the above application to Android.
  • All development for Cool Clock (both in 2010 and 2011) was done at home in my spare time/evenings.

About the Android Port of Cool Clock:

  • This was my first Android project and so was very much a learning experience for me.  I am now an advanced beginner!
  • This app has been placed on the Android Market and Amazon Kindle Store.

Below is a slide from the PowerPoint presentation below which provides an at-a-glance overview of this project/application:

Cool Clock is now available on the Android Market.  Below are two relevant links:
  • Here is the external Cool Clock product description page referenced in the Android Market list.
  • Here is the Android Market page listing for Cool Clock.
High-Resolution Android Emulator Screenshots: (click to enlarge)

"Learn Mode"

"Clock Mode"

"Modern Mode"

Below are links to an informal PowerPoint presentation summarizing some of the Android, Java, and 2D Graphics techniques I used in creating the Cool Clock application.  This presentation was targeted at software developers of varying experience levels, and which may not have any familiarity with Android, Java, 2D Graphics, or multi-threaded programming.


The techniques and statements made in my presentation only reflect my
level of understanding of Android programming techniques at the time the presentation was written.  I have only been exploring Android programming for about 3 months in my evenings/spare time.  As a result, some of the information presented may not necessarily reflect the best (or only) way of implementing specific techniques.

Here is a link to a PDF export of an Android development intro presentation:

Cool Clock Presentation

Note: Any comments/feedback are welcome:

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