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This page contains a linear listing of a few Android projects I've created...

Informal Presentation:  Introduction to Creating Custom-Drawn Android UI Components
  • Below are links to a PowerPoint presentation I created in 2011 outlining some of the techniques used, and lessons-learned, from my first Android (2.2) home/evenings project: Cool Clock
  • The presentation was targeted at a wide range of reader experience levels and, hence, briefly covers some basic concepts.
Cool Clock Presentation   (PDF)


The techniques and statements made in the above presentation reflect my 
level of understanding of Android programming techniques at the time.  As a result, some of the information presented may be out-of-date, and may not necessarily reflect the best way of implementing specific tasks.

Note: All comments and feedback are welcome:
2to32minus1 -at- gmail -dot- com

Note: this app has been temporarily removed from the Android stores pending updates.

Cool Clock

My first Android application.  A custom 2D graphics component designed to help children how to read an analog clock.

Drawing Horizontally & Vertically Aligned Text

A tiny project describing how to draw horizontally and vertically aligned text using Canvas.drawText().

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