Program Demonstration Videos

Here are a few demonstration videos...

Binary Search Tree Viewer  (not Autogeny)

This is an early look at a current work-in-progress: a Java Generics implementation of a Binary Search Tree (BST) along with a BST viewing application + graph layout algorithm I developed for visually and interactively testing the BST implementation.  The WMV video below shows the preliminary BstViewer application in action.  The video includes the creation and layout of random BST graphs with up to 100,000 nodes.  It also shows animations of automated, successive node deletions from the BST graphs.

Additional, higher-resolution screenshots and more information can be found here.

Here is the 4.7 MB video URL:

BST Viewer Demo Movie

Note: Most of the tool/utility prototype applications shown in the videos below were written 5 - 8 years ago (except for the Least-Squares Calculator).

Autogeny Query Editor

This is a demonstration of the object-oriented Query Editor prototype I developed during the Autogeny startup period.

This demonstration shows how a relatively non-technical user can create an object-oriented query intended to populate a hypothetical air traffic control/management application.  For this demonstration, the user is interested in selecting all aircraft that are:
  • Currently over Sacramento County, or...
  • Approaching Sacramento County and are less than 10 km away, and...
  • Have an associated alert (their maximum alert severity index > 0 )
Note that the Aircraft public methods used for the decision tree filtering operation are determined dynamically via Java Reflection.  However, Autogeny's planned object "cloud" had it been completed, would have supplied a more carefully chosen, user-role-specific list of accessible class members.

Also note that because of the modular Autogeny architecture, this single query could have been used to populate a GIS map, an Alert Display window, a table, etc.

Here is the 8 MB WMV video URL:

Query Editor Demo Movie

Autogeny Drag-and-Drop IDE - Demo 1:  Simple business application (spreadsheet + bar charts)

This video is the first of several videos demonstrating the varies types of applications that could be dragged-and-dropped by non-technical users.  Of note, this demo shows how small application, some trivial, some more substantive, units can be created and saved as well as how all components can be reused/assembled into larger aggregate applications.  Newly saved applications show up in the tree's "TestApps" tree node in this alpha level of completion product version after a Refresh operation is invoked.

This demo shows how basic business intelligence dashboards can be created.  Later, other videos will be added showing how more sophisticated applications, for example geospatially-enabled applications government/sensor tracking applications, could just as easily be assembled. 

Note that the Autogeny platform was designed to be completely cloud-based -- even the applications and their constituent components were to be stored in the cloud.  As a result, as soon as any user built and saved an application, it would then be available for use by any user, anywhere, using the Autogeny platform.  The Autogeny platform was completely Java/J2SE based. 

Note 1: Please note that the Autogeny platform was not completed, so some of the data and components are not fully functional, and some components listed in the tree were not implemented.

Note 2: When the Java Swing JWebBrowser component is finally released, then the Autogeny IDE would allow users to drag together their own dashboards containing a mix of both business + Web pages/content and organize them via tabs, etc.

Here is the 8 MB WMV video URL:

IDE Demo - Business Apps

Least-Squares Curve Fitting Calculator  (not Autogeny)

Here is a movie (WMV) file showing a brief demo of a drag-and-drop least-squares curve fitting component (Java Swing).  There are some enhancements, such as smarter axes tick labeling and spacing, which have not yet been added.  (I just wrote this for fun a couple of years ago.)

Here is the 5 MB WMV video URL:

Drag-and-Drop Least-Squares Calculator Demo Movie

Autogeny Joystick GUI Component

This is a basic Joystick GUI component (Java).  I originally created it as a proof-of-concept for simulating how mobile computing platforms could be used to control emergency management and military ground robots via a software joystick.  Here is an example robot controller mobile application mock-up which uses a software joystick.  (This work was done in January, 2006.)

Such a GUI component would also function very well as a software game controller input device, obviating the need for a physical joystick, etc.  Other uses include scrolling around large images and maps (such as Google Maps).  Obviously, the larger the displacement of the joystick from its center, the faster the scrolling would occur.

Here is a 1 MB WMV URL for a larger, higher-resolution view of the Joystick control:

Large Joystick Demo Movie

 Autogeny Multi-Resolution Satellite Imaging Component

Here is a short video demonstration of a prototype multi-resolution satellite imagery viewing component I developed in 2003.

As one zooms in, it transparently goes to successively higher image tile data sources to render each view.

Here is the short 1.6 MB MV URL:

Multi-Res Satellite Imagery Component Demo

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