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Side Projects & Misc. Threads

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Side Projects:

1) An unconstrained environmental factors health informatics platform
.  The diagrams below are 'cleansed.'

The diagram below is an excerpt from an RDF lifestyle/medical/occupational/environmental graph exploring how one
might go about finding patterns leading to an understanding of the causation and/or prevention of specific diseases.

In addition to providing world-class analytics algorithms, it would provide reusable information security and 
researcher-population survey sub-systems so that researchers would not have to spend research dollars
on commonly required IT infrastructure.


   analytics --> 

2) An RDF-based graphical e-Learning/MOOC platform originally envisioned in Jan-2010 (PPTX) (PDF)

Two illustrative slides from presentation - an Argument Diagram and a Distributed Collaboration Diagram:

3) Common underlying technologies for both of above:

I developed a core Java in-memory RDF 'triple store' - actually a QuadStore (subject, predicate, object, uuid).

This QuadStore supports a handful of graph query operations and could easily be instrumented to work in a parallel, distributed environment via a TCP agent layer.

Informal Observations on a Google+ Posting

A mini-presentation on an informal experiment related to a Google+ posting's statistics and, especially, the posting of a spreadsheet with statistics on the photo posting.

Here is a link to the PDF presentation

Lens Test Pattern

Here is a home-made lens test pattern.  (The image below is just a low-resolution screenshot - don't use it.)
If you buy a 2' x 3' foam board, you can tape several of these sheets to cover it with test patterns.  I had
Kinkos print 10 sheets on their best color printer and taped these to the foam board.  I also taped a mirror
to the center of the foam board in order to ensure perpendicularity of the optical axis of my camera lens 
with the foam board.

Here is a link to the PowerPoint and PDF versions of the actual file: PPTX  PDF

Image Processed PowerPoint Background (for light text presentations)

Random Software-Generated Background Graphics

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