I'll place some Java examples on this web page as time allows.  (I have quite a few sitting around.)

Binary Search Tree + Compact Graph Layout Algorithm New! - A currently-underway project to develop a Java Generics BST implementation + a BST graph layout algorithm and visualization tool

DARPA Shredder Challenge  New! - A challenge involving the automated reconstruction of shredded documents.  (Sorry, no code.)

New! - A basic exercise in prime factorization which uses the Sieve of Eratosthenes code below to get lists of primes

Sieve of Eratosthenes
New! - An implementation of an algorithm which efficiently computes the prime numbers in a specified range'
                                             (Note: I have recently discovered slight errors in this implementation and will correct in the future)

Least-Squares Graphing Applet - 1st - 9th order polynomial curve fitting of data you drag-and-drop from spreadsheets

Hashtable Exercise New! - A generics implementation of a hashtable that supports: 1) Division, 2) Multiplication, and 3) Universal hashing functions

Linked List Exercise  New! - A set of basic Linked List exercises

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