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On this page, I will be placing both very old C examples along with a few recent C++ and C# examples.

CodeEval.com Decryption Challenge - A quick hack in C which received a score of 99.841

Linked List Exercise 
- A C# exercise developing various linked list procedural methods in C#.

Reference to Function - A C++ exploration of the use of references to functions in lieu of function pointers.

Old Examples - Very old low-level C code snippet examples accessing VGA memory and on-board VGA chips.

Mathematical Sequences Exercise - A C++ informal exercise dealing with numeric sequences (Fibonacci, etc.).

Array Search Exercise - An informal C exercise using gcc: Searching right-rotated sorted int array for min element.

Permutations of String - An informal C exercise using gcc: print all permutations of characters in a string

StringBuffer - Implement StringBuffer-like functionality in C.

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