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This is my (increasingly disorganized) personal website, primarily focusing on current interests and prior work examples. 

New - SlideShare 'idea deck' of e-Learning technologies: here

About me keywords:
  • Software dev, dev manager, product manager, image processing, knowledge representation & visualization, node-edge graphs, user experience (UX), C, C++, Java, Unix, Windows, Android
  • Emerging: Machine Learning, Data Science, R, Octave, Python, MapReduce
  • Top notch innovation and problem-solving skills
  • B.S. Applied Mathematical Physics
  • Studied and performed Music at univ. level (trumpet), now elec. guitar (hobby)
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Current Home Projects
  • Udacity Web Development course
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Google Native Client
  • Machine Learning exercises/practice

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Any comments, ideas, IP, or opinions I make on the Web are entirely my own, and are completely distinct from, do not reflect upon, or represent in any way, my employers, past, present, and future.

Selected Site Highlights...

Cool Clock Android Project

C++ Qt OpenGL Rendering of Mt. Shasta

Binary Search Tree Graph Layout & Visualization  (image)

Messaging Architecture and Unit Test

Least-Squares Calculator (image)

Java Multi-Threading Exercise

Teleradiology Screenshot - 1993

Telemedicine - Market Brainstormin
g (item 4)



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