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Welcome to my personal website summarizing my interests, projects, and prior work examples.

In my head

My fav place

  • Reinvent: learning, technical books, distributed collaboration 
  • UX for browsing knowledge graphs, Semantic Web 
  • Computational Critical Thinking for truthful communication 
  • Massive graph-based public Health cause/effect data mining 
  • Advanced strategies for wildfire suppression and protection 
  • Machine Learning, Augmented Reality
  • Human-machine interface 
  • Optimization 
  • Strong, complementary Product Management skills 
  • Focused on long-term revenue generation, market dominance 
  • Prefer challenging problems 
  • Excel when entering new domains (fresh pair of eyes) 
  • Capable of creating unbiased solutions to problems 
  • Prefer to write good code given the chance 
  • Still trying to help/change the world

Education, University
  • University of California, Davis, B.S. Applied Physics
Education, Online (


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Selected Site Highlights...

Autogeny's 2005 approach to modeling three types of temporal properties in node-edge graphs (similar to RDF triples)

C# - (very) early prototype of image processing app
I work on once in a while :-)

Python Matplotlib - plot I coded

C# - RGB Histogram - 14-bits per channel, alpha-blending

C++ Qt OpenGL - Rendering of Mt. Shasta

C/DOS - Teleradiology Screenshot (CLAHE algorithm) - 1993