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Welcome to my personal website, primarily focusing on current interests, projects, and prior work examples. 

In my head ;-)
Me at my fav place

Free-thinking, tech Swiss army knife, can solve hard problems

Oh, and I should mention that:

I really wanted to do projects which significantly change/help the world, but that didn't work out...

  • Helping the world via technology:
  • Machine Learning, knowledge graphs & browsing
  • Landscape photography and writing photo-editing software
  • Electric guitar and vintage tube guitar amplifiers


  • Skills: Software Engineer, Product Manager/Visionary, UX
  • You might want to glance at the page summarizing the cool tech I developed at my former startup, Autogeny about 10 years ago
Recent updates:
  • Mean Absolute Deviation in Python/Numpy - my StackOverflow answer
  • This looks to be a good introduction to Deep Learning (URL)
  • By invitation and for the 2nd time, I will again be a Community TA for the Stanford online Machine Learning course beginning Sept. 22, 2014 (Coursera).
  • Kaggle.com Higgs Boson Challenge
    • The purpose of this challenge was to identify a particular Higgs Boson decay event from background noise data.
    • Below is a histogram of the predicted Real output numbers from an early Random Forest classifier.  The best threshold on these Real outputs was found by applying the quantile() R function on the Train set labels.
    • A few more details are here.
  • Project Euler Solutions (coding examples):
    • I just added a new page w/solutions to a few selected Project Euler problems.  PLEASE do not use this code on ProjectEuler.net !
  • Weight Lifting Exercises Dataset (Summary Page)
    • I recently built a Random Forest classifier in R which classifies a human's exercise activity from 52 accelerometer and tilt/gryo sensor measurements.  The training set had about 19,000 labeled samples.
  • CodeEval Challenge: A quick C hack got me a 99.841% ranking on a CodeEval.com programming challenge:-)  PLEASE do not use my code on CodeEval.com !
  • I just learned about and joined CodeEval.com, looking forward to finding time to solve some of the interesting challenges on this site!
  • I just progressed to Level 2 on ProjectEuler.net (top 7.26%) by completing 50+ problems.  Update: I added a new page w/ selected solutions/code.  Screenshot showing advancement to Level 2:
  • Concluded role as online Stanford Machine Learning course Community TA! (part-time) - last day of course: May 26, 2014
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Additional online courses I've completed
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Any comments, ideas, IP, or opinions I make on the Web are entirely my own, and are completely distinct from, do not reflect upon, or represent in any way, my employers, past, present, and future.



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