Selected Testimonials

I just want to compliment your social media skills. I spent the last three years before Civitas at a Social Media marketing and analytics shop, and by industry standards, you're doing everything right! I have been really impressed by the way you reach out directly to students and prospective students and feel proud that Civitas will be aiding in their success soon. Data Science Professional, Civitas Learning (2015)

Thank you so much for your continued support of student life! We love having someone like you who cares about the students and is passionate about making BPCC the best place possible! Student Life Office Staff, BPCC (2015)

I want to congratulate you on the job you have done in transitioning to the Chancellor's role at BPCC. You should be commended for the grace and professionalism with which you've managed this change at the helm. Bossier City Business Leader (2015)

Thank you for your valuable service on the visiting committee to San Antonio College. Please know how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into participating, and for the evaluation and consultative services you provided. Thanks for your continued support of the Commission on Colleges. Senior Vice President, SACSCOC (2015)

Many leaders have a vision for an organization that they can see.  Yet few have a vision that those they work with can see as well.  Dr. Bateman is one of those leaders who can get us all to see that vision as clear as if it were our own! Executive Leadership Team Member at Northwest LTC (2014)

Working with Dr. Bateman is inspiring. He demonstrates all of the traits a good leader should possess: mission minded with vision, goals and objectives that are attainable with teamwork, team building, effective communication, great interpersonal skills, can do attitude and inspirational with his integrity and respect for others. To say he is ambitious is an understatement.  He is able to "spin many plates" while keeping everyone motivated and moving forward to make progress for the college. Executive Leadership Team Member at Northwest LTC (2014)

It has been a joy and privilege to work for you this past year at NWLTC. You are not only a man of amazing integrity, but I have never met anyone with such a passion for what you do. We are so blessed to have you in Northwest Louisiana! Executive Leadership Team Member at Northwest LTC (2014)

You're the only reason this event [Greater Lake Charles Rotary Club Turkey Trot] has taken on wings!  I appreciate you so much and I know the GLC Rotary Club does as well.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You have so much vision and love for our community. Fellow Rotarian (2013)

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the College…and the SACSCOC effort.  You lead with excellence, and I am incredibly blessed to have you as a mentor and supervisor.  Congratulations on a job well done! Department Chair at Sowela (2013)

There would not be a Turkey Trot without our own Rotarian turkey - Rick Bateman - and his supportive staff from Sowela. A lot of leaders are just that... leaders who don't like to get their hands dirty. In Rick's case, he was there at the beginning planning, coordinating, setting up, etc. He stayed out in the rain both days making sure that everything was done and was no doubt the last one to leave. A true leader!!! No wonder his Sowela friends were all out there in force. Fellow Rotarian (2013)

Rick… Reflecting on the blessings of this past week, I realized how your steady and calm leadership is such an inspiration. Thanks for all you do. Executive Team Member at Sowela (2013)

Thank you very much for such a well written Rapid Response Repurposing Plan [to support expansion in Aviation Maintenance program].  I will be sending out an official award letter very soon yet will seek guidance on the process of funds transitioning from Louisiana FastStart to Sowela.  LCTCS Sr. Vice President for Workforce Solutions (2013)


The more I know you the more I realize you're probably brilliant… I'm so impressed with how you've guided our ship of State through the SACS-COC shoals. If I had a hat, it'd be off to you! In all seriousness, Rick, you are performing a herculean task and we’re all appreciative that we have you on our team! Executive Team Member at Sowela (2013)


You are a man of integrity who acts with wisdom and courage. You are the kind of leader people want to follow. Department Chair at Sowela (2013)


Give me one minute here to pay you a quick compliment. You gave a really effective quote to the American Press for today's story. It's a textbook example of how to do it. I do media training workshops for outfits like Entergy and other Colleges and I'm going to use you as a future example. Lest it sound like I'm just trying to flatter you, let me explain. The American Press' oversized "pullout quote," the one that accompanied the front-page coverage, could've been about any lurid detail of this shocking event [a student assaulted on campus], and rightfully so -- the victim's injuries, the fact that her ex-boyfriend has done this before, and so on. What the paper deemed best to use, however, was a comment from the vice chancellor -- one that demonstrated care for the victim, underscored the college's careful response, and framed the feeling on campus ... all in two short sentences. That is impressive, because many "official responses" in crisis communications come off as hollow or canned, and get buried. This one was informed and authentic. That kind of skill in interacting with the news media is a real asset to the college. The paper's coverage today reflects that. Thanks. Media Consultant (2012)


You did a commendable service for Sowela in the manner that you responded with the information to the community [regarding the student assault on campus]. Kudo’s to you and the Sowela family. Made me Proud! Workforce Development Training Coordinator at Sowela (2012) 


I think you are so intelligent, organized, have great foresight, and simply a very hard worker. Some of things that you have brought to us as VC have worked so well and truly brought us together as a team. You can always count on me for support in whatever your endeavors are, don’t ever hesitate. I hate to think of you possibly not being my boss but I understand. I love working for you – you are a wonderful person and an awesome boss. Dean at Sowela (2012) 


Believe me, good friend, you are more than ready to be a president somewhere.  The important thing is not to consider such a move unless the opportunity and “fit” is perfect for you.  Certainly count on my enthusiastic support for you now and down the road.  You are an outstanding representative of CCLP. Professor and Director, CCLP at The University of Texas at Austin (2012)


Hey Rick… Just wanted to tell you that it’s a blessing having you at Sowela. Keep up the good work! Math Instructor (2012)

I appreciate your timely response. You all have always been so kind to work to meet the needs of your students and I know you will continue to do so. Student and SGA Officer at SOWELA (2012)

Thanks for including me as a guest race starter at your Rotary Club’s Turkey Trot.  I enjoyed it and you did a very good job putting the event together. Chancellor of Sowela (2012)


Very many thanks for the solid presentation [on leadership lessons in Belize and beyond]. Your reflections helped us all to do likewise and the lessons learned anchored to the literature on leadership brought home the message very powerfully. Former President of the University of Belize (2012)

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us during the 14th annual Connections Count Professional Development Conference. Your presentation was well-received and one of the reasons our conference is so popular. Senior VP, Family & Youth Counseling Agency (2012)

Rick… your campus is always so good at responding to any request [from the Board of Regents]… thank you for being engaged and responsive… please know that I appreciate you. Associate Commissioner for Academic Affairs, Louisiana Board of Regents (2011)


Rick… you are truly the best boss in the world. Thank you so very much for helping to find workable resolution to this [student discipline] issue, and for handling it so expeditiously. Dean at Sowela (2011)


We just want you to know that we appreciate all of the work and effort you put into our education and experience that often goes unnoticed. I personally very much appreciate the support I have received from you for the upcoming Instrumentation competition. It means a tremendous amount to me to know that I can throw myself behind a project that can and will be brought to completion by the efforts of those above me. Student and President of Instrumentation Student Association (2011)


I’ve known Rick Bateman for some 17 years now. His inestimable encouragement and guidance was immensely instrumental in my academic success and personal development and I’m sure there are hundreds of students, administrators and professors from Belize and America who can equally attest to his rare personality of steadfast loyalty, industriousness, wisdom and, perhaps most important, compassion. I’m proud to say both knowing him and learning from him is undoubtedly an immense gain. Former Student and Colleague at St. John's Junior College (2011)


As Dean it was a great comfort to know that I had a dedicated, hardworking and innovative teacher like Rick Bateman in the classroom. Always ready to give above and beyond the call of duty, his presence energized both students and faculty to give of their best. After achieving great success as a department chair and once in office as a new dean, he created a unified community of teachers and students squarely focused on promoting academic excellence within the Jesuit tradition. Having capped his experience at St. John’s College with a doctorate in educational administration and a very successful tenure in senior leadership at Sowela Technical Community College, Rick has now honed an impressive set of skills to assist organizations in developing robust processes to realize their potential. Former Dean and Colleague at St. John's Junior College (2011)


Thank you so much for all your energy, integrity, intelligence, and caring dedication.  It’s rare to find all these qualities and more in one person. You are a treasure to work with and for. Administrative Assistant, Sowela Technical Community College (2011)


Thank you! Thank you for serving as a member of the ATMAE Steering Committee for programmatic accreditation. I commend you for the wonderful job you did in providing guidance to other team members. I know that this type of undertaking required strong leadership, commitment to excellence, attention to important details, and managing a timeline to complete the self-study. As Chancellor, I appreciate your taking ownership of this important work and for making sure that Sowela was favorably viewed by our colleagues. Thank you for a job well done. Chancellor, Sowela Technical Community College (2011)


Thank you for your considerable support because without what you do, this [ATMAE Accreditation for eight programs] would have never happened. Computer Technology Instructor, Sowela Technical Community College (2011)


We appreciate everything you do around here. Rotary Club Member (2011)


You have always treated me as an important part of this school. You have patiently listened to me whenever I have shared my thoughts and/or feelings about something here at the school. You work tirelessly making improvements in the academic area of the school. You have made a difference here at Sowela in many ways. Thank you. Administrative Assistant, Sowela Technical Community College (2011)


I know you are very appreciative of your employees. You show it in many ways that you don’t even realize. Thank you for being so kind… so you. Administrative Assistant, Sowela Technical Community College (2011)


Thank you sooo much. You are such a wonderful boss and always filled with kind words and encouragement. You are the best :) Department Chair, Sowela Technical Community College (2011)


Thank you for all your hard work! It is a pleasure to work with you! Instrumentation Instructor, Sowela Technical Community College (2011)


For several years, Rick Bateman and I were colleagues at St. John's College, Junior College. Initially we were both instructors in the same department and later he served the school as a hardworking and admirable dean. In both positions Rick was dedicated, creative, and meticulous. He is a skilled organizer and restructured the departments to better serve the student body. As dean, he was a leader who skillfully involved everyone's talents and open-mindedly considered everyone's perspectives before making very fair decisions. One of Rick's most outstanding traits is his diligent pursuit of excellence. He is an highly gifted administrator. Literature Instructor, St. John's Junior College (2011)


I admire Dr. Bateman for his student-centered leadership. He made it a point to speak with, listen to, and be supportive of students when he was dean at St. John's Junior College, which earned him the respect of students. It was also evident that he was highly regarded by his faculty and staff. Everyone who has ever spoken with me about Dr. Bateman has expressed admiration for his thoughtful leadership, his drive and dedication. I am honored to have had Dr. Bateman as my dean when I was a student in junior college. Student, St. John's Junior College (2011)


Rick Bateman... high in integrity, balanced intelligent counsel, compassion, and loyalty. Dependable, articulate, and forthright. Priest, Jesuit Community of Belize (2011) 


Mr. Bateman is a welcome member in any community he is a part of. He is role model, mentor, educator, and friend. His demeanor and focus make him an excellent asset in any situation, and his influence has permanently shaped the lives of many people, myself included. First Secretary, Embassy of Belize in Brussels, Belgium (2011)


As Dean of St. John's Junior College, Belize, Dean Bateman was always professional and cordial. In all my years of working at SJC, I  never felt as comfortable as I did with Dean Bateman. His doors were always open for discussions, opinions and ideas from others. I felt that Dean Bateman took a sincere interest in  seeing the institution advance. We were always kept involved and informed of what was going on at the institution. The concerted methods he used to engage us always made it easy to work at SJC. English Instructor, St. John's Junior College (2011)


This certificate is awarded to Dr. Rick Bateman in appreciation for leading us into the future. "A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to go." --Rosalyn Carter. Certificate of Appreciation from the "Triple A Team" (Academic Affairs Administration), Sowela Technical Community College (2010)

You are the glue that keeps us going. Keep up the great work. I appreciate what you do for Sowela more than you know. Executive Team Member, Sowela Technical Community College (2010)


I must say you have been a tremendous blessing in my life. You are helping me to understand people better and the advantages of strong communication and teamwork. You have been a great resource for me and I want to thank you for the experiences. Dean, Sowela Technical Community College (2010)


Mr. Bateman's work at The University of Texas at Austin has been of the highest quality. He has served as President of his graduate student cohort, and has performed wonderfully well as a teaching assistant in our required graduate course, Organizational Design and Behavior. He is a terrific administrator, superb leader, and works wonderfully well with faculty, staff, and students. Rick has all the requisite skills, abilities, and talents to provide terrific dynamic leadership. He is a quality "can't miss" candidate. Program Director, Community College Leadership Program, The University of Texas (2008) 


Wherever your future takes you, I am convinced that the community will be well-served by your leadership, compassion and sharp intellect. President, St. John's College (2007) 


Thank you for your tremendous assistance in the selection process for a new senior administrator in our junior college. Your leadership, professionalism, and general advice and support are greatly appreciated. You are truly an asset to SJC. President, St. John's College (2005) 


Mr. Bateman has been my colleague for over twelve years and has worked closely with me over the last two years. During his tenure as Dean of St. John's Junior College, he supported the development of a more vibrant campus life and a more effective management structure for the college. His student-centered approach to leadership made him successful in these endeavors. Nationally, he was also instrumental in initiatives to improve Belizean education. These initiatives included the development of rules and regulations for tertiary education and a teacher education program now in junior colleges nationwide. Dean, St. John's Junior College (2006)


Rick is an extremely dedicated professional. He regularly works twelve hour days and puts 100% of his heart and effort into his work. I find him to be very compassionate and continually striving to live a moral life. He has tremendous energy, drive and character. Colleague, St. John's Junior College (2006)


Mr. Bateman is a person of great integrity, deep faith, high moral principles and good humour. He is dedicated to his wife and family and deeply in love with Belize in all its aspects. As Dean, he worked diligently to strengthen the faculty, improve facilities, and develop better programmes to serve our students. He oversaw the rapid growth of the Junior College and did it with foresight and clarity of vision. Superior, Jesuit Community of Belize (2005) 


As you bring your tenure as Dean to a close I want to express my gratitude for all the wonderful things you have done for the junior college, the faculty and the students. I have enjoyed working with you and am inspired by all the many terrific things you do as Dean, husband, father, Catholic lay person. Priest, Jesuit Community of Belize (2005) 


I want to thank you for your outstanding leadership and service given to our junior college community over the years. Please know how very much I appreciate your friendship and sincere dedication to S.J.C. President, St. John's College (2005) 


As an administrator, Rick has served with a vision for new possibilities and an ability to put ideas to work with effective strategies. He is able to bring our school forward with new programs and creative ways to meet the needs of our students. Rick has good relationships with students and teachers alike. He is affirming and encouraging; these qualities build a team spirit and positive working relationships. Colleague, St. John's Junior College (2005)


I would like to thank you for everything you did to make things comfortable for me during your time as Dean. You are surely a GREAT BOSS! I wish you well in all that you plan to do in the future. Spanish Instructor, St. John's Junior College (2005)


Rick is generous with his time and fully devoted to the tasks at hand. He is a man of integrity and openness to growth. He treats people with respect and dignity. Colleague, St. John's Junior College (2005)


Rick is recognized as a devoted and competent teacher. He has good moral values and will influence by who he is, as well as what he teaches. Colleague, St. John's Junior College (2004)