Welcome to Rickard Make2Learn Lab

Companies like Google are not looking for skills, they are looking for talent.  Rickard Make2Learn Lab seeks to help students discover their own innate talent by giving them opportunities to create and innovate.


If you can imagine it, you can make it.

One of the inspirations for this class is the Maker Faire sponsored by Make Magazine.

Engineering!  Go For It!

eGFI is a cool magazine for aspiring engineers.  

Great example here:

Design Thinking

What is it?  

It is a process for designing solutions to problems.

In many jobs and careers, you will be ask to solve problems.  Design Thinking (DT) gives you a step-by-step process for solving these challenges.

The DT process we will be using is adapted from the models developed by the world reknown design firm IDEO and Standford Design School.  IDEO is well known for developing the first computer mouse!

NASA Explorer Schools

Lompoc Valley Middle School is a NASA Explorer School.

Many of the Engineering Design Challenges that  students will participate in this year are developed by NASA.