Parents' Page

Welcome Parents!

If you need to reach me, please email me at or call 805-742-3796.

I'd like to introduce myself by telling you about my philosophy on learning.  Students come to the science classroom with ideas they have constructed by observing the nature world around them.  It is my job to uncover these ideas and to challenge any misconceptions they may have.  I will do this by providing questions and activities to get students thinking. Writing is key.  Students write their ideas then analyse them relative to the activities I provide.  Students use the writing structure "claim, evidence, and reasoning."   The claim is the idea students have about the topic.  Evidence is the proof students have chosen to prove their claim.  Reasoning is the thinking behind the choice of evidence.  This method focuses on ideas rather than right answers.

These days, there is so much content available to students.  If you have a question, just Google it!  My aim is to teach students how to make sense of and analyse the information.