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You may have heard in the news about the slow economy and many jobs lost.  Have you thought about what type of jobs will be available when you graduate from high school or college.   One of the most in demand and top paying jobs  will be in healthcare which includes the field of genetics.

A new semester starts with a new project.  This time we will be making an online poster to showcase our research in Genetics.  Click on the link on the left called Genetics Glogster Project to see an example of this project.

Revised Timeline

Presentations will begin on Monday January 30th.

 Wed, Jan 18
 Upload Use Your Own Words #1 from Textbook
 Mon, Jan 23     Upload Use Your Own Words #2 from Internet
 Tues, Jan 24 Upload Use Your Own Words #3 from Internet
 Wed to Fri, Jan 25 to Jan 27 Work on Glogster Poster
Mon Jan 30 Presentations Begin

Be sure to work on this at our school library, or at the public library.  If you need extra time, you can set up a time with me after school to work on classroom computers.

Example Glogster

Points: Genetics Glogster Poster & Presentation

Points Genetics Glogster & Presentation