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Palm OS Download and FAQ

A free version of the Richta Rally Calculator for Palm OS.

Richta for PALM OS FAQ:

What Palm OS Devices can I use?

I've run richta on devices as old as the Palm III and IIIxe because the resource requirements are minimal.  These devices are available on eBay dirt cheap, i.e. less that $10.  My personal preference is to use a Palm Tungsten with a back-lit display and metal case.

I don't see a way to set the TOD clock on richta.  Where is it?

I use the BigClock free application to set the TOD clock in my Palm.  With a little practice you can get it within a second.

Why is the PALM OS version of Richta free?

I want to see the growth of TSD rallying and a free, easy-to-use calculator is one way I can provide that support.

How accurate is it?

We've run several national events, where the winning score is less than 1 .01 minute per leg on the average.  We scored quite a few 0's, 1's and a few 2's.  Richta for PALM OS won't get to the top of the L class on an SCCA National event due to internal limitations of the device.  The TOD clock is only accurate to the second, so seconds are used in the up/down calculation.  When using the odo-correction mode rounding errors will cause the corrected mileage to drift from the correct number.  This affect is due to the lack of floating point capability on this platform and the use of 32-bit integers for all calculations.

Do you plan to fix this?

No.  The availability of iPod, iPhone and an increasing array of Android smart phones and ultra-mobile personal computers have caused me to focus on that direction.

Are there enhancements planned for the PALM OS platform?

Not at this time, though I am open to requests.  More complex requests may be limited to Apple and Android platforms.

Apple and Android!  What, when?

Both the Apple iPod/iPhone and Android platforms provide floating point support and will allow this calculator to be competitive on SCCA National caliber events.  Development energy is being directed toward those platforms.  Richta for Apple was released in November 2010.  Richta for Android was released in May 2011. 

What will the full version do that the -lite version won't?

We have a list of enhancements in the backlog including display of .01 minute UP/DOWN, entry of mileages to the 0.001 mile and a really cool feature that I want (and need) called "Live Critiques".  Live Critiques will allow you to change the current rally leg in case you need to adjust a mileage, change a CAST, etc...  The objective is to allow you to rebuild the calculations for the current leg quickly.

Any other products in the pipeline?

Yes.  A $0.99 rally checkpoint clock is planned based on classic Heuer designs such as Sebring, Master Time and Ref 11.404.
Also, a rally odometer is in the exploratory stages.

Rich Bireta,
Sep 27, 2010, 7:25 AM
Rich Bireta,
Sep 29, 2010, 1:30 PM