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Apple Version and FAQ

The Richta Rally Calculator is available from the Apple Store.  There are two versions available:  Richta-Lite is a $2.99 version and the full function version of Richta is available for $9.99.

The full version of  Richta supports timing units of seconds and hudredths of a minute. Work is under way to to add:

    1)  Support for an odometer correction factor.  The CAST is automatically corrected to account for the discrepancies between official and indicated mileages.   
    2)  Other enhancements, including display of real-time critique slips for double checking calculations.

Bug fixes and a few enhancements will be made to Richta-Lite.  Major new function will be available in the full function version only.

Version Information

Version 1    - Palm Pilot implementation.  Current version is 1.32.
Version 2.0 - Initial Apple Version for Richta and Richta-Lite.
Version 2.1 - Apple Version released January 5, 2011.  See documentation for details regarding fixes and enhancements.
Version 2.3 - Released to Apple Store March 3, 2011.  All users are encouraged to update to this release.


Q1)  The calculator keeps exiting unexpectedly.  What's the problem?

A1)  We've found some coding errors (memory leaks) that have caused this.  Corrected in Version 2.1.

Q2)  When entering a CAST, the keyboard is too small.

A2)  Changed in Version 2.1.  If you are running iOS 4.0 or later a 12-key keypad with decimal point is used.  For older versions, an enhancement is planned to retrofit a similar keypad.

Q3)  I'd like to be able to add a new CAST from the main screen when I press the CAST button.

A3)  This enhancement was added in Version 2.1.

Q4)  When I enter a Gain or a Time Allowance, I am prompted for the Pause Amount.

A4)  This was corrected in Version 2.1.

Q5)  Does this work on the iPad?

A5)  Version 2.1 of both products work on the iPad (and it looks great in 2x display mode).

Q6)  It takes too many buttons to repeatedly enter CASTs at the start of the rally.

A6)  Version 2.1 allows repeated entries of CASTs.

Q7)  Can I enter speeds with decimal points?

A7)  Yes.

Q8)  I'd like more resolution. Can you use hundredths of a minute instead of seconds?

A8)  This enhancement is available for the full version of Richta in release 2.3, available March 2011.

Q9)  I'd like to be able to enter the official and indicated miles from the odo check and have the calculator correct the CASTs and display an official odo.

A9)  The full-function product will do this, but this function will not be delivered by 1/1/11.

Q10)  Sometimes the seconds in the "four displays of perfect time" do not match (elapsed vs. TOD).

A10)  This was corrected in Version 2.1.

Q11)  I'd like an extra digit of accuracy in the elapsed time and TOD leg times for DIY legs so I can round or truncate as needed.

A11)  This enhancement was made in Version 2.1.

Q12)  I'd like to be able to enter mileages to the 0.001 (thousandth of a mile).

A12)  This enhancement was made in Version 2.1.

Q13)  This doesn't seem to work correctly on iOS5. (No clock, CAST stack not right).

A13)  Version 2.6 Build 31 resolves this issue.