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Android Version

The Android version of Richta and Richta-Lite are now available at the Android Market.
Market.Android.com, search for "Richta", "Richta-Lite", "rally", or "Bireta".

Price: $3.00 for Richta-Lite, $7.00 for the full version.

Differences?  The full version will show 0.01 minute calcs (at the user's option) and maintains a database of all legs run and shows a detailed, editable calculation log for each leg.

Under review:  A free, distance-limited verstion of the full function calculator for evaluation purposes.

Version Information

Version 2.05 - Released to the Android Market May 24, 2011.


Q1)  Has this version been field tested on actual events?

A1)  Yes.  Significant credit goes to Dave Horoschack for running early versions and providing valuable feedback which was used to improve the usability the the software.

Questions or problems?  Please email me at rbireta@gmail.com.